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AMD introduced a redesigned EPYC built-in 30000 series CPU line. The shakeup saw some new models join the series, and AMD decided to remove some models as well. The

EPYC Embedded 3000 series is firmly aimed at the embedded systems and server market, with a host of specific-purpose features such as a large amount of RAM, more cores, and PCIe lanes. AMD brought them to Intel's Xeon D. To this end, AMD has designed two variant series, including a single-chip model and a dual-chip model. The single-chip model

uses the EPYC Naples chip and supports 8 cores, 16 threads, dual DDR4 channels, 32 PCIe Gen 3 channels, and four 10GbE links. The other variant has two EPYC Naples chips and is larger in design, although it is still compatible with a single variant, which means that customers building embedded systems can choose between the two models without compatibility Sexual issues.

AMD previously released the initial product line of EPYC embedded 300 series CPUs without slot details, including the following models: 3451, 3401, 3351, 3301, 3251, 3201, 3151, and 3101. The main difference with reorganization is that 3451 3351 now has a configurable TDP with rated power of 80-100W and 60-80W.

In addition, two models have been removed from the product line: AMD EPYC 3401 and AMD EPYC 3301 appear to have been merged into EPYC 3351 and EPYC 3451.

AMD also introduced a new model, a single EPYC 3255 with 8 cores, 16 threads and a configurable low TDP between 25 and 55 W. Also, we now know that the single chip model faces the SP4r2 socket and the dual chip faces the SP4 socket.

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