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Interesting information about the presentation of Geekbench 4 has recently emerged. The reference point, two of AMD EPYC Rome 7h12 64core, showed the power of the processor 128tread servergrade, all in one of Kure Shy Scan Supercomputer. 7h12 has been added to the EPYC line of the second generation of AMD on September

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, the present, three of the 64 cores in AMD, there are 128,28,28,28,28,28,28,200,28,28,28,28,28,28,28,28,28,28,28,28,200 chip of review EPYC. However, most likely there is a good possibility.

EPYC 7H12 will have the fastest performance of three models, equipped with a 2.6GHz base watch reinforcement clock and 3.3GHz. This chip is ranked for 55W High 280W that the EPYC 7742 model.

SHASTA Supercomputer shows that sports of two EPYC 7H12 processors. This means that it is armed with core and 256 of the thread of a huge 128. This system has a single-core score and 181,580 points of the multi-nuclei score of 4.512.

Even after all these numbers, this could not put the super computer SHASTA first in the GeekBench 4 ranking. The first place was taken by the Gigabyte R282Z92 system that has multi-core records. There are two EPYC 7742 chips in this system, but there is an improvement of 3.4% in single-core scores and an improvement of 7.6% for multiple nucleus.

Specifications of EPYC 7H12, I think it will exceed document EPYC 7742, but the previous results are not yet sounded.

There is no detailed information on EPYC 7H12, so you can stop a different number of factors, some of which include different versions of different memories, operating system or different versions of GeekBench 4 Software that exists. .

will be notified when looking at the details of the EPYC system.

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