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A new test by the German website Planet 3D Now shows that the AMD X570 socket may have more backward compatibility than we initially expected. AMD immediately announced that the AM4 socket is not compatible with 1st Gen AMD Ryzen processors.

Based on the test, the latest AGESA microcode motherboard firmware for X570 motherboard supports CPU. The AGESA update is touted to help shorten the startup time by about 30% and increase the acceleration speed of all cores, but it can also hide compatibility settings.

Planet 3D Now you can select 1103 BIOS beta version for Asus Crosshair VIII Hero (WiFi) motherboard. It was connected to AMD Ryzen 3 1200 and was able to load the system with no problem. The settings were even confirmed in CPUZ. The site also tested the same settings as previous iterations of the BIOS, which failed as expected to eliminate the possibility of a fluke.

It remains to be seen if this means that AMD plans to deliver on its backward compatibility promises made in the past. The company has not officially announced the feature in any way. However, it seems likely that the X570 motherboard is compatible with first-generation AMD Ryzen processors.

Although the test is interesting, it is not what the requested function will call. The builders prefer old motherboards to support newer CPUs, not the other way around.

As AMD Senior Technical Marketing Manager Robert Hallock revealed earlier this year, we already know that old motherboards with AM4 sockets will be compatible with newer AMD processors through BIOS updates.

The question is whether all manufacturers will see the advantages of implementing support for 3000 series CPUs and integrating the BIOS updates issued by AMD.

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