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AMD recently commented on the B550A chipset. The news comes from Robert Hallock, one of AMD's chief marketing officers. Hallock's statement on the AMD subreddit seems to indicate that the B550A chipset will be slightly different from the B550 chipset.

This all happened when a user made a comment on a Reddit post, which showed a pre-built system using the B550 motherboard. We usually don't pay much attention to news from Reddit reviews, but since this comes from Hallock himself, it's worth mentioning.

In response to comments on AMD's naming convention, Hallock said: "No, it has a B550A motherboard. This is a version of the PCIe Gen 3" PromontoryLP "chipset (eg, X470, B450), specifically for pre-built systems (eg OEM customers). ”

From this comment, we can know that the B550A may be an upgrade from the 400 series motherboards provided by AMD, which can be found in various pre-built systems.

When asked why AMD developed the B550A chipset, Hallock replied, "OEMs are customers too and may have different needs than DIYers. Not all product decisions are considered from the perspective of channel products. "

The reason for the existence of the B550A appears to be entirely due to the needs of OEMs, whereas normal customers are not. For example, if OEM only needs to upgrade some old hardware to reduce the cost of the pre-made machine, the customer will not buy it at all.

It is also possible that many people who purchase pre-built systems do not want to understand the ins and outs of computer work, they just want it to work immediately. As long as it runs smoothly, this requires less feature-rich hardware.

This news comes from a Reddit post. What's interesting is that AMD even made a special comment. If they are not involved, the news may be ignored.

In a way, this is very useful for customers who like to communicate directly with brand representatives, but it also raises the question: Are AMD comments just to clarify naming conventions? Or will there be more news about the B550 chipset soon?

We still don't know what the specs, pricing and features of the B550 will look like. I hope it lands soon, or at least some additional news will emerge.

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