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In the past few days, we have encountered many motherboard-related vulnerabilities related to ASUS and MSI. Now it looks like AMD is paying tribute to the ring with its B550 motherboard.

According to Wccftech, the B550 series actually has a release date, which adds weight to this news. The motherboard seems to be released on June 16, and an official announcement may be made on May 21.

It has been almost a year since we started looking forward to these new mid-range Ryzen motherboards. Since then, AMD’s X570 motherboard has firmly replaced the X470 motherboard, and the X470 motherboard has occupied a position in the mid-range motherboard market for some time. Before

, some motherboards supported PCIe Gen 4.0, but due to many problems, this feature was basically disabled. This makes the release of B550 even more important, because it will be AMD's first mid-range motherboard to support native PCIe 4.0.

It is interesting that compared with other leaks, especially MSI's new three-series motherboards, AMD's products only stand out on PCIe 4.0. Many other recently leaked motherboards seem to only support up to PCIe 3.0.

However, for all these leaks, it is important to add a little salt. Today’s leaked content may not show the full picture. We have to wait until we see AMD’s official announcement, and then we will be too excited.

We expect to get more information on May 21, the day the rumor is announced, but we will pay close attention to more details before then. We will provide you with updates on all motherboards recently leaked by AMD, MSI and ASUS here.

What did you do to the news/leaks of these motherboards? Which brand products are you most interested in? Please tell us your thoughts below.

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