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AMD has just launched its new Ryzen processor series, which aims to provide "first-class integrated graphics" and stable CPU performance.

These new chips will not be used as standalone components for self-build or upgrades, but will be released specifically to partners for desktop and small pre-built computers. So far, they have announced partnerships with HP and Lenovo, but there may be more partners in the future. The current plan is that machines equipped with these new CPUs will ship this fall.

By improving the performance of the integrated graphics GPU, these processors will allow the machines to be built to avoid dedicated graphics, but will still provide good mid-range performance for tasks with moderate graphics requirements. These won't replace high-end graphics cards to meet high-performance gaming, but they will provide a reliable entry-level gaming experience on devices that are more compact and energy efficient than powerful gaming rigs.

These should be considered as versatile and reliable chips and depending on the exact price they can be a very competitive option for those looking for mid-range desktops.

AMD directly compared the new AMD Ryzen 4700G to Intel's Core i79700, stating that its chip offers "up to 5% single-threaded performance, up to 31% multi-threaded performance, and up to 202 graphics performance. ter ". with the current generation of Intel chips it may be more appropriate.

As far as we know, 4700G is very similar to 3700X, but uses 12MB instead of 32MB of L3 cache. Assuming you have the same small chip CCX / CCD layout, it will be interesting to see how big the difference is in the cache.

In the comparison between AMD and its previous generation of chips, we can see here that in the TimeSpy benchmark test, 4700G has a moderate improvement compared to 3400G, which may indicate that the improvement in graphics performance is not very much compared with the previous chip. Obviously, but it has only 8 computing units, compared with 11 in 3400G. The reduction in computing units is offset by a significant increase in clock speed or 1400MHz versus 2100MHz.

This is the newly released full range of chips and their specifications.

Our intuition tells us that if 4700G can be purchased as a standalone CPU, its target price may be around $150.

If you want to compare the different options available today, please visit our guide to the best gaming CPUs. Are you looking for a pre-built system with Ryzen 4000 G series in the future? In the comments below, let us know your thoughts on this addition to the AMD lineup.

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