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Gaming laptops have proven to be a huge focus of Computex 2021, and for Nvidia, and especially for AMD, it reflects the tremendous growth of the industry in the past year. So far, although AMD has performed well in the field of budget and mid-range notebooks, due to its excellent APU (ie CPU with integrated graphics), its high-end gaming-focused machines have not yet matched the notebooks with Nvidia GPU versions. .

The first part of AMD’s challenge to the Green Team in the notebook field is AMD’s release of a new 6000M series notebook GPU, with the goal of replacing the 30 series of mobile graphics GPUs. In addition, AMD also hopes to improve its gaming laptop products in many other areas.

Secondly, as part of its “AMD Advantage Design Framework”, the Red team tried to maximize the efficiency of AMD’s gaming laptops (Ryzen CPU and Radeon GPU), from in-game FPS to extending battery life. Performance, cooling, lower fan sound, and even poor battery performance. The AMD Advantage designation basically guarantees that any notebook computer that comes with it must meet certain general standards of performance and build quality.

The main topic deals with three points, which are listed below.

AMD's various "smart technologies" are the source of these benefits: smart access memory will now be equipped in these notebook computers. As we've seen, you can improve the performance of certain games by allowing the CPU to access excess GPU memory. FPS and AMD Smartshift technology allows the system to transfer power between the CPU and GPU where it is needed most, an advantage in power-limited laptop designs.

As far as the display is concerned, AMD hasn't really brought anything new, but they promise that all AMD Advantage laptops will have a 144Hz + display and LFC, "low latency" (which means we don't know in actual milliseconds ), FreeSync, 300 NITS + brightness, IPS and OLED panels, and 100% sRGB or 72% NTSC color gamut. This is expected to indicate that the core standards of gaming laptops from all manufacturers will be improved in the near future.

AMD promises that each of their Advantage systems will be equipped with at least one NVMe PCIe gen 3.0 4-channel SSD, and they claim that the load time is three times faster than the SATA III SSD.

Reducing the temperature on the keyboard during performance (generally affected by high-performance machines) is also involved, especially keeping the temperature on the WASD keys below 40 ° C.

Finally, AMD stated that they have worked hard to Increase the expected battery life for "watching carnivals" (ie watching Netflix, YouTube, etc.) to more than 10 hours. If they can meet these requirements, it will be a welcome change compared to some more demanding Nvidia 30 series machines, most of which are hard to reach for more than 5 hours in this case.

AMD announced that the two laptops that will use this technology are ROG Strix G15, which it said will launch in early June, and the HP Omen 16 will be available soon. You can read more about the features of these laptops in our respective articles.

More competition between Intel, AMD and Nvidia in the field of gaming laptops can only mean more innovation and is expected to lead to further savings for end consumers Given the very high prices of most gaming laptops, we welcome to this with open arms.

We look forward to reaching out to these latest AMD laptops to see if they are in line with the hype. Stay tuned to WePC for more details!

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