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Did you manage to get one of the new AMD 5000 series CPUs last week? Well, if the answer is no, you are not alone. Once again, we see that the hardware launch is simply not ready for the number of consumers it attracts. You would think they should be clearer now. Look, even though we know that 2020 is the strangest calendar and will definitely have a significant impact on the manufacturing process, can't we make any progress this year?

Now, you may remember that we reported that AMD’s own Frank Azor said on Twitter that the world will see that the next version of the 6000 series GPU will not be a paper version. He half-jokingly responded to another tweet, in which someone bet $10, believing that the launch of AMD's GPU will be as bad as the launch of its competitor, Nvidia. Now, although we don't expect Azor to really profit from this bet, it does lead to in-depth discussions about the latest CPU version. They desperately shared this tweet, thinking that the CPU release seems to be like this: a paper release. However, Azor responded on Twitter again, stating that "there is a big difference between'paper release' and ton shipments, but the demand is greater than the supply." Um.

Although "paper release" is not a term that you will find in a dictionary, it is generally used to refer to a very limited number of product launches so that they can claim that their product is "released."

So if what Frank Azor said is true, and they shipped "a lot of units" then it won't necessarily be classified as a "paper release". But why do so many consumers leave empty baskets on launch day? One of the biggest problems with the recently released Nvidia 30 series is that the robot ate up all of the available inventory within seconds of going live. So does AMD have a plan to solve this problem? Azor once again explained the following on Twitter:

"Yes, we have put in a lot of effort and have succeeded in many cases. This is a battle that will never be completely won, but I am for our The team and partners are appreciated for their efforts in this round. We continue to learn and adapt to each version. We hope that our products will be in the hands of target users." Chapter

Road to hell, right? Although they claim that the product released this time is full of products rather than robots, a quick glance at Reddit, Twitter or their friendly PC Discord game player group will find that it is almost impossible to get one.

If we don't consider the huge black hole of COVID19, we can't really discuss the success of product launches. The epidemic has spread all over the world and has affected all businesses, from neighborhood stores to the most important brands in the world. And, as consumers, we have all increased our tolerance for release delays and inventory issues, even if this is very annoying. We know that many companies are powerless. With the onset of the coronavirus in China, a country that plays an important role in the electronics manufacturing industry, we knew from the beginning that it would have a major impact on PC hardware.

However, we must be careful, we give excessive subsidies for bad product launches, and these product launches are not just caused by the pandemic. Nvidia's 30 series launch was terrible due to the invasion of robot buyers, not COVID. At times like this, brands should work harder than ever to mitigate the potential negative effects of their product launches to help ensure they move smoothly in the context of COVID-19.

We had a lot of discussions in the WePC office about the success of the recently launched products compared to previous years. The most recent one was around the launch of the AMD 5000 series. Last year, when AMD launched its 3000 series CPUs, we saw many that you met us to grab the last line, and you liked it. Then this year, although it turned out that their numbers were similar, only a few people were able to buy one of the new CPUs. The inventory level lasted for about five minutes at most, until we all stared eagerly at the product page and simply said "out of stock" again.

In fact, this reflects everyone’s experience with the launch of Nvidia 30 series GPUs, as well as the difficulties people encounter when trying to pre-order PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles. We may see a worrying start to the new product trend. spear. Now, due to 2020, I am happy to provide businesses with things like free passes this year. However, if this trend continues after we are at the other end of the pandemic, then consumers will not be satisfied with the new normal.

With the upcoming launch of AMD 6000 series GPUs (November 18th for RX 6800 and RX 6800XT, December 2nd for 6900XT, please pay attention to the calendar), Team Red may break the trend and make some PC manufacturers happy again, but I Feel insecure.

How did you find the latest released product? Can you get what you want? Tell us your story from the launch date in the comments below!

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