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One of the retail losses caused by the Covid19 pandemic was Amazon Prime Membership Day in July, which was postponed by the company due to the situation, problems of logic, and the general mood of the world population.

It will never go away forever. Sources unanimously confirmed tonight that the date has been confirmed as October 13 and 14, in fact, it is the last available period that you can adapt to without overlapping with Black Friday, and then run sales Christmas

Although the date has not been officially announced, we hope to hear the confirmation before this weekend. If you have Alexa, you can keep your device up to date. Of course, Prime Membership Day is traditionally a good day to buy Alexa devices, so it may be a year early for you.

Black Friday will expire at the end of next month, and rumors that factories are busy suggest that the event will span almost the entire month of operations, starting around October 26.

It seems like a long time for customers to track, but due to social distance and the main street still so chaotic, Amazon is likely to expect more people to shop online in the New Years.

An obvious variable is likely to be the possible return of Covid. As parts of Europe have started to announce the arrival of the "second wave", Amazon will still face some problems, possibly related to diseases that have affected its huge logistics. deal.

In the spring, the company removed content available online, keeping it a major need, while waiting lists for other items are longer and customers are used to it.

As a business, if you can cross these waters and do it well, you can make a lot of money. One thing is certain, they have had months to plan this matter properly.


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