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Update: Only 5 days before Prime Membership Day, news of the latest offers has begun to appear!

Although there are many reasons for the terrible 2021, for many of us, games are still an escape. And, even though we have experienced low inventory levels in the past 12 months, there is still hope for Amazon Prime Day 2021!

With the possible restocking of Xbox Series X/S and Playstation 5, we can see a series of exciting bundle deals on Amazon Prime Membership Day. Although this is not true, it is hope when there is not much expectation. This is why events like Amazon Prime Membership Day are so cool. If you want to save some money for your game collection, please check the offer below and enjoy.

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Regarding the Amazon Prime Membership Day, there is a little problem: you have to be a Prime member to get the discount. If you're already a member, you don't need to do anything (although you can set up some transaction reminders to make sure you don't miss out). If you are not a Prime member, read on to find out what to do next.

If you've never been a Prime member before, you can get a 30-day free trial membership to try the service. This not only allows you to get discounts on Prime Member Day, but also allows you to enjoy the other benefits of Prime membership throughout the month.

If you are a Prime member but cancel your membership, you will not be able to enjoy the free trial. However, if you want to experience some games or even new consoles on this Prime Day, then the one-month subscription fee is definitely worth it.

Amazon usually conducts a large number of game transactions during Prime Day, so whether you are buying an Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo Switch, you need to make sure you are prepared to take full advantage of this event.

Every year, we see a series of large packages and price cuts for Nintendo Switch products. If you are one of the unfortunate ones who missed the chance to get Switch in the early days of lock-in, now is the best time to join the hype. And, since the console has been around for a while, you can expect some hefty discounts.

We suspect that a limited amount of PS5 pre-orders will be added in time to the Prime member day discount on time, so if you want to use one of their next-gen game consoles, make sure you're ready to trade as soon as possible. For those who are hoping to upgrade, since PS4 consoles and games are old models, they are sure to have some considerable discounts.

Like the new Playstation, the new Xbox console will likely be restocked in time before Prime membership day. Once again, we are likely to see significant discounts on Xbox One consoles and games as newer models are entering the market and replacing them.

Are there other products in the market on this Amazon Prime Membership Day? Why not take a look at some of our top products here?

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