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Amazon’s popular 2020 Prime membership day sales event will be postponed to early October. According to documents sent to third-party sellers, Amazon's original September Prime membership day plan has been cancelled, and the potential date has been postponed by one month.

According to this document, Amazon recommends that third-party resellers use the October 5th place date for any promotional materials related to Prime Membership Day 2020. Amazon suggests that the date may be changed, but it has not yet determined a date. year. Sales Activity. The document said:

"Every year, Prime Day will be warmly welcomed by customers, and they will enjoy some of the most favorable offers of the year. As the event approaches, we will announce a definite date. We look forward to seeing the most customer-friendly presentations on Prime Membership Day, one of the biggest shopping days of the year! `

This delay is the third time Amazon has postponed Prime Membership Day this year. Although the retail giant did not provide a clear justification behind the latest change, it is safe to assume that the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, especially on Amazon's distribution and logistics network, has been included in the decision. Amazon Prime Membership Day 2020 was initially scheduled for its usual mid-summer time slot in July, then moved to August, then September, and now October.

As Amazon's main annual promotion, Prime Day ushered in an increase in demand for products. The event attracted countless Prime subscribers, both new and old, and offered various offers and discounts on the most popular products on the platform. Amazon seems uncertain whether it can purchase enough items and products to satisfy customers who are eager to get the most from the event. The demand generated by the

lockdown and orders that Amazon is difficult to process have increased significantly, leading to delays in delivery and shortage of warehouses. Since then, the operation has slowly returned to normal. With the increase in COVID19 cases in major markets such as the United States and elsewhere, as well as concerns about the upcoming second wave of outbreaks, the retailer may experience further disruptions. According to "Business Insider" reports, some areas of the United States have reintroduced home quarantine measures and experienced an increase in demand, putting even more pressure on Amazon's operations.

By postponing sales until October, Amazon should take a break to ensure that it is adequately prepared for the large number of orders that occur at the same time as the event. In addition, the delay allows the company to determine how the situation will develop in the coming weeks and months and prepare accordingly.

Amazon is unlikely to postpone Prime Membership Day 2020 until after October to avoid conflicts with Black Friday and seasonal holiday sales. However, the volatility of the pandemic means that even the most comprehensive plan is not immune from unforeseen obstacles.

In regards to the current situation, it is best to determine the tentative date of October 5 with some degree of suspicion before it is officially confirmed by Amazon.

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