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Best psu for rtx 30 series gpus

Facts have proved that the performance of the Alienware m15 R5 laptop with RTX 3070 graphics card is disappointing, lagging behind MSI GP76 Leopard 10UG, Lenovo Legion 5 Pro and HP Omen 15zen 100 5 in terms of FPS performance. % And 20 depend on the game.

technical detectives on Reddit (some of whom bought laptops) found that, at least in part, the number of detectable CUDA cores (detected by GPUZ) of its RTX 3070 laptop version was 4608 instead of the usual 5120.- A reduction of 10%. The

CUDA core count essentially makes the GPU a reality-a graphics card with a lower core count will no longer be an RTX 3070, so the situation is indeed so surprising, although Jarrod has confirmed this according to Tom's technique. `s hardware, you can read below.

It seems that the mystery of the disappearance of the CUDA core is due to restrictions imposed by vBIOS, rather than physical hardware changes. The same Reddit user who initially discovered the problem found that the update to vBIOS m15 R4 3070 solved the problem, although it brought trouble to the entire system. stability. However,

Dell stated that this is not desirable and a suitable solution will be launched in mid-June. Details are as follows.

The reason for this restriction is unclear, because two commenters we know of who have asked Dell about this topic received different responses.

Jarrod's Tech received the following response from Dell support staff on Twitter on June 4, 2021:

`The number of CUDA cores may vary by individual OEM based on nvidia benchmark such as ours to allow for a design and performance tuning (sic). Please be assured that the changes made by our engineering team for this computer model are made after careful design testing and selection, in order to provide the best and most stable performance to our customers. If more unlocked CUDA cores can be obtained in future updates, we will provide

on our support website soon. If this is to be believed, then the cap on the number of active CUDA cores appears to be an intentional decision by Dell's engineering team to make the GPU compatible with the m15 R5 laptop's power output, although it does read a bit. as a blanket guarantee / answer to us, rather than an answer from someone who knows the exact reason.

Tom`s Hardware However, when asking the same question, Dell gave the following answer:

`We have noticed that an incorrect setting in Alienware's vBIOS limits the CUDA kernel in the RTX 3070 configuration ... this is one of which we are working hard to correct the error as quickly as possible. We are verifying and expediting the resolution and hope to resolve this issue by mid-June. In the meantime, we do not recommend using vBIOS from other Alienware platforms to solve this problem. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this. `

This obviously contradicts the first answer, stating that the vBIOS limitation is accidental. It is unclear if this is the actual cause or an example of Dell's changing tune in anticipation of the coming backlash.

It is encouraging that we can hope to correct this issue with an update soon anyway, though cynics at our hearts doubt this limitation is due to limitations imposed by laptop stability and power issues. And deliberately, if this is not a problem that can be easily corrected. We just have to wait and see!

Mid-June is obviously not a strict deadline. It is the earliest date we can expect an update to correct the problem, but I hope we don't have to wait more than a few months.

Until then, stay tuned to WePC for in-depth reviews of the latest Alienware gaming laptops in the future.

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