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Best portable gaming monitor

The beauty of the modern laptop is that you can pick it up when you pick up everything you need. However, if there are many laptops, your weight and size can be a problem.

The size and weight of the laptop are common problems, and the people behind Airtab are trying to solve it. The Airtab's portable monitor was launched several days ago with Kickstarter and has already reached its goal.

AirTab manufacturers claim that they are the lighter portable screen of 15.6 inches in the world. It is reported that it is measured in only 500 grams with a thickness of 4.9 mm. This places it on modern MacBooks and pair. The monitor

has three different functional modes: horizontal, vertical and creation mode. This allows you to use touch screen monitors like a tablet, and you can get a lot of flexibility during work.

CREATE MODE is probably the most interesting aspect of this monitor. The creative mode is activated while lying on the air tab, is the best only for creative, design, photography or watching movies work.

This monitor has 10 point touch screens and should be optimal for detailed design and edition. Using the USBC Dual

port, you can connect to several devices, as desks, laptops, smartphones, cameras, tablets or nintendand switches.

Load a nested switch on a 15.6-inch portable screen if you plan to spend a back trip on sale and spend some games to spend time.

This monitor was designed in mind that it was as flexible as possible to give experiences as laptops. This allows you to complete the job like leaving, play games and watch movies. Airtab has plug designs and playback and does not have to ruin drivers, long configurations or other software.

Airtab is in two varieties, touch screen versions and Noondowx version believe. The following specifications are listed. The only difference between the two models is the function of the touch screen. According to the Timeline of the Kickstarter page of

, AirTab plans to enter mass production in August 2020. Then it can be sent in October 2020. With recent hardware.

Airtab NoTouch version is sent in October. Airtab Touch is sold at $ 379. However, if it contributes to Kickstarter, you can get a 40% discount.

These monitors will be interesting to see what they say as they say. With such optical compilations, we are interested in seeing the lasting that are, but the specifications are so promising.

What do you think about Airtab? Is this what you pick you up? Please, let us know in the following comments.

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