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The publisher has not yet released the system requirements specification for Age of Empires IV. However, we have listed the best estimates currently available on this page. The types of machines and items required to run the game with the lowest settings have reached the maximum (at the recommended Down). Obviously, these numbers should be reserved, because as more information becomes available, they may change during the game launch preparation phase.

If you don't know if you can play games on your current computer, see our page to find out how to find your PC specifications. At the bottom of this page, we also discuss the PC version of the game that we recommend you play.

If you want to buy a copy of Age of Empires IV, find the cheapest price in the game on Eneba.

Age of Empires IV is the latest work in the popular Age of Empires series. Players will once again control a civilization and guide it through different periods, enjoying classic base construction and real-time strategic battles.

If you want to play "Age of Empires IV" at 1080p resolution, but only at the lowest settings, the $600 automatic build will provide you with considerable performance when playing games. However, if you want to play the game at the highest settings and resolution, a build of $800 or higher is recommended.

If building your own PC is not appealing to you, then the pre-build of $800 should run the game at a satisfactory level at the lowest settings. However, if you want to improve something and adjust the graphics to higher settings and resolutions, then a pre-made PC that costs less than $1,000 will be your best choice.

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