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Discord is about adding your friends and staying in touch, no matter what you're up to at the time. If you need to learn how to add people to your own Discord app, you've come to the right place.


It is not important to use Discord on PC, Mac or even mobile devices. The interface remains the same anyway.

Here, we will use the Windows application as our benchmark, but no matter what you use, the process is almost the same.


Open Discord and click the start icon in the upper left corner.

Press the Add friend button below the direct message.


Now you need to add the Discord tag of the person you want to add to the list, so make sure you know that beforehand.


After completing this operation, you can send a request and your friend will receive an alert at the other end of the Internet.

Once they accept, they will appear in your friends list



Repeat the above process, but keep in mind that this time the friends tab is in the bottom menu

It's that simple. Sometimes Discord changes its user interface, but even if this happens in the future, we can imagine that the steps will still be very similar. Just look for the box to add friend. The hardest part is probably knowing your friend's Discord tag up front, so be sure to remove it in advance.

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