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Adata announced that it will launch a series of "ultra-fast" solid state drives (SSDs) that do not use PCI Express 4.0.

The new XPG SX8100 will use the PCIe 3.0 bus instead, which will join the ranks of NVMe SSDs.

To many Adata fans this seems like bad news, but overall the SX8100 drives should be fast enough to accomplish most of the tasks that people need them to perform and of course this also means gaming.

Adata states that sequential read performance will be as high as 3,300MB / s and write performance will be as high as 3,000MB / s.

Adata said: "All components of the SX8100 have been carefully selected, tested and certified."

Based on their own testing, ATTO and CrystalDiskMark will return in the highest order of reads. The latter will also provide the best sequential write count.

Interestingly, it seems that Adata will have to start competing with other models of its own. Your XPG SX8200 Pro hard drive has recently added a 2TB model, which is only slightly faster on paper. The model is designed to achieve a 3500MB / s read speed and a 3000MB / s write speed; there is not much difference in reading and there is not difference in writing.

When you can get slightly better performance and we can't imagine something more expensive, will it make the SX8100 worth it? We will see when we have a better understanding of the prices.

Unfortunately, Adata has not released any MSRP for its drives. All we can do right now is to look at competitors and other Adata models to understand what the price will look like. The current price of the

Samsung 970 Evo Plus ranges from US$100 (approximately £80) for 500GB to US$470 (approximately £376) for 2TB. Adata’s

SX8200 is currently priced at approximately US$290 (approximately £230) for 2TB, US$130 (approximately £104) for 1TB, and approximately US$70 (approximately £56) for a 512GB model. ).

The thing to remember is that the best SSD option does not depend entirely on speed. SATA-based drives should be sufficient.

Fortunately, there are many affordable NVMe SSDs on the market. The speed may be slower, but the 2000MB / s read speed and 1700MB / s write speed should be sufficient for your needs. When will

be included? It's unclear when we'll see the SX8100 listed, but we'll be paying close attention to it in the future.

What do you think of ADATA SSDs? Would you rather buy the SX8100 or the slightly better SX8200?

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