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Acer is one of the most well-known brands in monitor gaming, bringing to the market some of the best gaming monitors we have recently tested. Its Predator series is Acer's flagship gaming monitor series, offering only the best specifications and features tailored for performance.

In today's article, we will detail the Acer Predator XB323U gaming monitor, which is one of the latest 32-inch 1440p monitors in the series. The XB323U is equipped with all the specifications you would expect from a high-end gaming monitor at this price; including 2560 x 1440 screen resolution, 170Hz refresh rate and fast 0.5ms MPRT. Combining all the above features with an impressive IPS panel that provides up to 99% of Adobe RGB color space and a fully versatile stand, providing excellent ergonomics design, you will have the world One of the best 32-inch gaming monitors. market. supply.

As always, we will test the XB323U's color accuracy, image quality, build quality, and overall game performance, and compare it with similarly priced alternatives as much as possible.

Since there is a lot to experience, don't waste time sneaking into it!

refresh rate

170 Hz (overclocking)

response time

0.5 ms-MPRT

screen size

32 "


2560 x 1440

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4 4 4 4 4 ms response time (4 4 4 4 4 ms 4 Clock overclocking time) (4 4 4 4 4 4 ms response time) MPRT

Screen size

32 "


2560 x 1440

Aspect ratio

16: 9

Panel type



600 4 4 4 4 4 4 p 4 4 4 p 4 4 4 4 4 p 4 4 4 p 4 4 p 4 4 4 p 4 4 4 4 p 4 4 4 tra 4 p 4 4 p 4 4 p 4 4 p 4 4 p 4 4 p 4 4 4 p 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 p 4 pt 4 pt 4 p 4 pt 4 pg Image ratio

178 ° / 178 °

Color gamut

99 ° RGB Obe, 90 ° IP3

Backlight technology


panel Cover



4 x 4 4 4 4 4 mm 4 4 4 mm 4 4 mm 4 4 4 mm 4 4 mm 4 height x 466 x 289 mm with bracket


2 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x DisplayPort 1.2 (a), 4 x USB 3.0 (TypeA; downstream), 1 x USB 3.0 (TypeB; upstream), 1 x 3.5mm audio output


Impressive 170Hz refresh rate (overclocking)

0.5 ms Low response time (minimum)

Excellent build quality

Agilesplendor IPS technology

Multifunctional ergonomics

Highly accurate color reproduction

HDR600 certification


4 444 444 4 444C

High processor price 4434 444C 4434 Processor 4434 444 44 444 The processor is in an extremely sturdy box, showing the display and many of its functions on the outside. It is definitely worth mentioning that the box of this monitor is large, mainly due to its pre-assembly method.

In the box, the monitor is already connected to the stand, all you need to do is to make it work and take it out of the styrofoam where it is located. No assembly required.

The following is a complete list of accessories included with the Acer Predator XB323U:

Refresh rate

170Hz (overclocking)

Response time

0.5ms - MPRT

Screen size

32 ″

Resolution 454 4 4 Amazon 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Shop Specifications By the way, let's take a closer look at the build quality, design, and mechanical features of this monitor.

XB323U appeared on the desktop equipped with Acer's Predator textbook layout. The familiar stand has been seen many times before, The all-metal frame feels sturdy and very sturdy. The front of the screen adopts a nearly borderless design, and the bottom bezel has Acer Predator branding and some of the screen features: "Agilesplendor IPS + Nvidia Gsync Technology". The base of the stand is very wide. The "Y" shape is definitely on the larger side, so if you are considering this monitor, keep this in mind. Moving the

to the back of the monitor, you can find many of the design features of Predator. The first thing that catches your attention is the impressive booth, which really looks like something from the Ani movie. The back of the

mount offers more predator brands and aggressive scaly armor reminiscent of aliens. In the middle of the stand, you will find a beautiful cylinder with a mechanism for rotating the display. It has a shiny metallic style finish, but its design is made of plastic. There is a small cutout near the bottom of the bracket for cable management, which also provides some functions. 4,444 horizontal lines make up the majority of the rear of the panel, and the Acer logo is in the upper right corner, chrome plated. Except for the bronze gray powder coating of the stent itself, there are no obvious color elements. In short, although the design of the Predator XB323U is quite simple, it still ticks all the boxes and looks very high quality. Acer's

Predator series has always been very reliable in terms of the build quality of its panels. XB323U is no exception. Starting from the panel itself, it feels absolutely rock solid. Although a considerable amount of plastic is used in the design of this display, it at least does not make people feel cheap or fragile. The plastic used on the rear provides excellent support for the internal panel components, with little bending during the build quality test.

As mentioned earlier, the booth is mainly made of metal. Although this increases the weight of the screen, it also provides a very stable frame for the panel. The screen itself didn't move during use, and other screens of this size have struggled in the past. The plastic used for the scale armor is probably the most boring of this panel, but it is purely for aesthetic purposes and nothing more.

At the top of the bracket, users will find a comfortable

8mm (top), 9mm (side) and 25mm (bottom). Although this isn't the thinnest we've tested, the bezel seems a bit smaller, mainly due to the screen's 32-inch ratio.

As we said before, the support of this monitor is very good providing excellent stability and excellent aesthetics respectively. That said, the versatility of the stand is probably what impressed me the most.

In general, monitors of this size do not have great support versatility, mainly due to their considerable weight. Fortunately, this is not the case with this monitor. It provides all the adjustments you may need, including height, tilt, rotation, and pivot adjustments, the latter being perfect for plugging in input cables. The exact media specifications of

are as follows:

refresh rate

170Hz (overclocking)

response time


screen size

32 inches


2560 x 1444 can be purchased on Amazon 44 44 As you might expect, Monitor and insert vertically. The monitor input and USB hub are on the back, but there are two additional USB slots on the left side of the panel.

This monitor provides all the input you may need, and provides multiple screen inputs for users who want to use this monitor with multiple devices. The

OSD (On Screen Display) is controlled by a series of buttons and joysticks, all of which can be found on the back of the right display. With the joystick, OSD navigation is very simple and intuitive. A button for exiting the menu has also been added, and some quick shortcuts for color presets, HDR and volume are provided.

In the menu, users will find all common problems, including brightness, contrast, game mode, screen viewing, color presets, speed settings, and many other options for you to know. Allows you to customize this monitor to your exact requirements.

Later in this article, we will introduce the OSD performance change function in more detail.

Excellent colors and excellent image quality are the two main factors that help you create an immersive feeling when gaming. In this case, gaming monitors do not always calibrate colors to colors that are considered accurate in some color spectrum, such as sRGB / Rec.709.

We like to test the color reproduction of each monitor to see how they perform in a scene 0 with color accuracy.

The results are as follows.

We first tested the display in the factory settings "out of the box". In this case, it is set to the "standard" color preset and the "warm" color temperature is 360 nits of brightness, much higher than its recommended daily use.

We did a quick test, and the numbers are bad to say the least. Although the white point is much higher than the 6500K ideal, the black depth and contrast are as expected (1048: 1). However, what is even more disappointing is the average deltaE of 4.15 that it recorded. By checking the results, you can clearly see the differences between each slide, making it a poor preset for color-accurate work.

Game Mode 1 (action) does not provide more to tell the truth. In fact, when viewing the results, the two presets are almost the same in color accuracy. It’s worth mentioning that the “out of the box” preset is much brighter. However, this is the only difference. The

"graphics" preset felt a bit confusing, and the results confirmed this. The average deltaE of 5.06 is the worst among our test results. The white point is approximately the ideal 6500K (7035K). The contrast ratio is 1067: 1, but the depth of black is slightly higher at

(0.31). Next is user profile

, and there will be more bad results next. The average deltaE of 4.17 and the white point of 7253K actually make it one of the worst profiles we've ever tested, again the RGB spectrum.

We quickly calibrated the monitor (using user color temperature) to verify the accuracy of the Acer Predator XB323U. For best results, we change the RGB value to 55/41/41 and run the calibration. After the

calibration, the Acer Predator has been vastly improved - almost every area shows a big bulge. We recorded a 6421K white point and an impressive 0.13 depth of black. The contrast was reduced slightly to 919: 1 and the gamma value was still at a low level of 2.11. The average DeltaE has dropped the most and now provides a full score of 0.23, resulting in a maximum deltaE of 1.17 (very good). The

panel uniformity is a test we ran to check the uniformity of brightness and color on the screen. During this test, the central square was used as the reference space. Then test all other squares to see how far it differs from the reference value.

In an ideal world, we want all the squares to be green, which means that it does not break the differential threshold, which we can set at the beginning of the test.

Note: The results will vary from panel to panel. The

Predator XB323U actually performed quite poorly in this particular test, resulting in a far from uniform "hodgepodge" of results.

As can be seen from the above figure, most of the left and right channels are displayed as red scores (determined by color accuracy and brightness uniformity). Many internal quadrants have returned positive scores, but this is not the merit of the group.

It is worth mentioning that the uniformity of the panel may vary from panel to panel, so please treat these results with caution.

The viewing angle of this panel is very good, there is almost no chromatic aberration when viewing this monitor from a dark corner. The vertical and horizontal viewing angles are the same, showing no signs of real color changes or brightness drift. Chapter

I want to know that this monitor offers one of the widest color gamuts I have tested, and its performance is better than all other gaming monitors I have tested.

From the physical color gamut chart, XB323U provides almost twice the sRGB volume. This means that the coverage of the Adobe RGB spectrum is 99.6% and 92.8% of the IP3 spectrum, respectively. In general, I would definitely recommend buying a colorimeter for this monitor. Although the out-of-the-box presets are not very accurate, the calibration profile provides excellent color accuracy and an extremely wide color gamut.

We completed the color accuracy and image quality test by checking the maximum brightness, minimum brightness, and 120 candlelight points on this panel. The result is as follows:

For those who want to use our calibrated color profile, they will find a link below where they can download the zip file. The color accuracy of

is not affected. It is time to let Predator XB323U experience a variety of different game scenarios to see how it performs in terms of pixel response, input delay and HDR content. Since this is Acer's high-end gaming line, I only hope it can bring the best gaming experience. This is the result.

Before we start, we enable the maximum refresh rate (170Hz) in the display settings. We also activated variable refresh rate (Gsync), which enabled overdrive and ultra-low latency.

I started playing CS: GO, which is a fast-paced first-person shooter game. From a response point of view, it will push XB323U to the limit. I joined the deathmatch server and was immediately impressed by the smoothness provided by the monitor. Despite the large display size and a resolution of 2560 x 1440, I was able to maintain a constant speed of 170 frames per second in CS: GO. For comparison, I tested this monitor with 60Hz and 144Hz monitors to see if we could see any significant differences between the various refresh rates provided. From 60Hz to 170Hz is like day and night. Having said that, the difference between 144Hz and 170Hz is not so obvious, and only subtle differences will be felt during the game.

What is impressive is that the 32-inch Predator provides a lot of immersion in games such as CS: GO, which is mainly due to the smoothness of the game. When various enemies attack you, keep the huge spray in the smoke very smooth, making you feel closer to the game. Under these specific settings, I hardly encountered any ghosting or traces, and perhaps some slight halos appeared when bright objects were affected by the dark background. However, for fans, this has hardly attracted attention and is by no means unpleasant. Removing the variable refresh rate function and running the overdrive to the extreme will cause some hysteresis and overshoot. Although the experience was not overly unpleasant, it was still remarkable.

We loaded Shadow of the Tomb Raider shortly after this to test the immersive quality of the display and the HDR 600 certification it provides. Compared to the entry-level VESA DisplayHDR 400 standard, the mid-range high dynamic range standard significantly improves performance. Playing "Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Shadow" feels great, both dark and bright areas benefit from the HDR 600 standard. By paying close attention to these areas, it is clear that there are now plenty of additional details available. Plus, with 16 dimming zones, the sharpness of details in those extreme contrast areas is easier to identify.

We continue to test many other games, including Battlefield V, Cyberpunk, and Call of Duty. Each game provided a pleasant experience with no obvious visual artifacts.

Overall, from a gaming point of view, this monitor is difficult to touch too much, to say the least, it performs very well.

So there you have it, our full review of the Acer Predator XB323U, one of the best 32-inch 1440p gaming monitors on the market. The only answer is whether we think the XB323U is worth it. Well it all comes down to a lot of different factors, but personally, you have to say absolutely. The Acer Predator XB323U is a very suitable monitor for gaming scenarios, equipped with all the necessary functions for a monitor suitable for immersive and competitive games.

Although some people disagree with the combination of a 32-inch screen size and a 1440p resolution, it does provide an excellent overall experience. The resolution does not put too much pressure on the GPU, allowing it to achieve high frame rates in many different games. In addition, due to this combination, users will also have a nice desktop, which is very suitable for multitasking and work situations. The

game in SDR and HDR is a real pleasure, and HDR provides an excellent viewing experience in games that support it. Increasing the refresh rate to 170Hz also adds another layer of immersion to the theoretical cake, allowing you to slide into the virtual world with almost no traces or ghosts. The wide color gamut also allows you to experience certain color tones that smaller monitors (in this case, most monitors) simply cannot reproduce.

So overall, while this monitor is at the higher end of the price range, it still manages to show great value for money in high-end gaming performance.

Refresh Rate

170Hz (Overclocking)

Response Time

0.5ms - MPRT

Screen Size

32 "


2560 x 1440

Buy Amazon

" Type-B Gaming Tablet (Acer23U) Delivers the gaming experience you you want Take it all - Take specs to a new level. With a 170Hz refresh rate, 0.5ms MPRT (Moving Image Response Time), and extremely low input latency, this great gaming monitor isn't just designed for immersive gaming. It’s on par with some of the most competitive 144Hz gaming monitors, making the XB323U

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