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We recently had the honor to review the monitors of the Acer Nitro series (Acer Nitro VG270UP), so when they decided to send us their Nitro gaming headsets, it is safe to say that we would love to see what they can do. Provide a market that is already flooded with affordable high-performance options. The

Nitro gaming headset is a compact headset designed for gamers who have a limited budget and are already interested in the Acer brand. It provides a good aesthetic, and is equipped with a top cup, an adjustable headband, and a 3.5 mm microphone and audio input. It currently sells for less than $50, which means that it belongs to a very competitive headphone group, which has been dominated by major brands such as Corsair, Logitech and HyperX. Chapter

How do these headphones compare to other similarly priced alternatives, and are they worth your hard-earned money? We will let them complete their steps in several different games and scenarios to see how they perform in real life.

So with all of this in mind, let's take a closer look at the Acer Nitro gaming headset.

Before we dive into the details of the Nitro earbuds, let's take a quick look at the specs it's equipped with.

In the Acer Nitro box, we find:

specifications look a bit like this:

is different from other headsets of the same price that need to install software or add-ons, Nitro gaming headsets are easy to set up. Just plug your headphones into the 3.5mm headphone jack. The Acer

gave this headset the typical Nitro branding, and compared to other products in this price range, I think it looks pretty good. The headphones are mainly plastic and there is a thin metal band on the headband as part of the adjustment mechanism. The user can play with an inch and the mechanism feels very sturdy when in use. This headset is designed in an all-black theme, and the ensemble (ear muffs and headband) has a red hue, which I really like. The

headband is large and suitable for people with large heads. On the other hand, the earmuffs are small and cover the ears, providing little effect on passive isolation, this is both a good point and a bad point. The earplugs are made of artificial fur material, which, to be honest, provides good comfort. Although the cup feels soft, I am skeptical about the longevity of this material. However, they are easy to clean. The

microphone is made of elastic rubber material and can be adjusted to get a good playing position. It rotates 90 degrees when not in use, which is good, but relatively common in today's headsets.

In terms of manufacturing quality, Nitro's structure and materials reflect its lower price. The plastic doesn't feel too strong and the whole thing is very fragile. The earphones didn't really put any pressure on my ears, they ended up falling off my head a few times, no exaggeration. They are very light to the touch, which is usually a good indicator of poor headset quality. Although the

cable is 2.2m long, it is made of extremely wear-resistant rubber plastic. Many headphones today use braided cables, which provide longer life and lower resistance. Unfortunately, Nitro gaming headsets cannot boast of this statistic. They always curl up at my feet, grabbing the chair and the computer, which makes me feel that the headset is pulling my head, which is annoying to say the least.

Another important factor to consider (which we have mentioned briefly) is the comfort provided by this headset. This is very unpredictable to me, because you can see how this headset meets the needs of some people, but it can't meet the needs of others. On the one hand, the lightweight feel of this headset provides a stress-free experience without rubbing or irritating your ears and head. However, personally (as a gamer), I want to be completely immersed in the game I am playing. I feel a lot of pressure on my ears, which helps to provide a better sense of immersion, which is not available in this headset.

From a size point of view, this headset does provide a lot of space. If you don't have a bigger head, it's really difficult for you to make this headset feel good. If you like Acer Nitro branded equipment, you should definitely consider it. On the other hand, if you have a larger head, these will provide enough space and adjustments. The foam on the earmuffs and headband is obvious, but by no means the actual quality. When I pushed the foam with my fingers, it didn't bounce like you expected. It just stays compressed for a period of time and then comes back to life after a period of time.

For me, whether you are looking for a high-performance audio headset or a cheap option for some lightweight games, the main selling point of a headset must be sound quality, especially when you want to buy a headset. Used in competitive games.

Unfortunately, in this case, this is where this headset really disappoints.

Our performance test of the Acer Nitro headset started with a few of our favorite games, including CS:GO, PUBG and COD.

Starting with CS: GO, I can immediately tell the difference between these and the headset I am using. The treble looks hollow, and the midrange is somewhat unfounded. For competitive esports, you have to listen to crunching footsteps and fierce shots to really determine where the enemy is coming from. This is not the case here at all. Nitros provided some help in the bass department, but again,

A little bath is achieved. However, since the headset is not sitting around your ear, it is difficult for the interference of the outer level to achieve so many levels of immersion. Sadness, the story was the same for pubg and asking for work. The general experience is very good and confused, something really disappointed when using these?

A positive note, the microphone provided the level of clarity and precision of clarity. Now it does not mean that you should get them if you enter the podcast game. However, if you want to listen on your local dishes channel, these are very useful for you. As I mentioned earlier, the microphone is made of a flexible material that offers a small amount of adjustment, should be able to find a decent position for the game. When it is not in use, I rotated 90 degrees, but I felt that I could not do it in any way.

headset cables combine audio and microphones with an audio outlet cable, which is also compatible with the console. Then, in general, more for the microphone.

So, do you have a Nitro headphone headphones game? Probably not answer


If you are a large-scale supporter of the Acer Nitro brand and want to continue with the subject, I think this headset will go. Headphones stick to the subject of the brand, and offers a good aesthetic attraction. However, if you are interested in quality, sound performance, comfort, comfort and other factors that are more interested, it is likely to be good to buy. There is a good barrel barrel for headphones under 50 brackets, still good comfort, decent sound quality and a true immersion.

Well, you have it, our full review of Acer nitro headphones. Please, tell me how to think about this headset when the comments fall into the following sections. Even so, you can discuss all the headphones that do not raise your head towards our community center.

Headphones are stuck to the subject of the brand, it offers a good aesthetic attraction. However, if you are interested in quality, sound performance, comfort, comfort and other factors that are more interested, it is likely to be good to buy.

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