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Best motherboard for i9 10900k

Acer supporters are using new firmware updates to improve the TGP of RTX 3000 series GPU-equipped notebooks. Read the following to understand why and how to benefit from it.

TGP stands for Total Graphics Power, which is a number that represents the power consumed by the graphics card (in W or watts). It is mainly used for Nvidia GPUs, while TBP is more commonly used for AMD graphics cards.

Not to be confused with TDP (Thermal Design Power), which is the heat generated by the card and must be dissipated by the cooling system.

TGP is an important factor in determining GPU performance. Simply put, if the TGP is too low because it does not have enough power, the amount of FPS that the graphics card will be able to generate will be limited. There is some controversy about the implementation of the portable version of the

Nvidia 30 series graphics card. Consumers who buy laptops equipped with Nvidia 30 series GPUs (such as Nvidia RTX 3080) find that their performance is very different compared to other laptops with the same graphics card model, simply because the TGP between laptops may have Huge difference.

Nvidia has lobbied laptop manufacturers to clearly include the TGP of their graphics cards when marketing their products so that consumers will not feel that the products are not selling well. Acer’s

firmware update increases the TGP of many of its different RTX 3000 gaming laptops by different amounts, depending on the laptop and graphics card model. The size of the

TGP surge varies from 5 to 30 watts. For more information about this update, please visit the Acer website.

In addition, @jftimm_ from ComputerBase has very helpfully put together a table listing all affected GPUs and the TGP rise of each GPU (see below).

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