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Before I started working at WePC, my PC games were limited to Civilization 5, and I spent countless hours destroying Sims’ lives. And, when I had enough time to invest, I spent some time upgrading my character in World of Warcraft. This is mainly due to circumstances. I played games on a worn laptop, so I didn't choose to enjoy any bigger games, otherwise I risked trying too hard and exploding in front of me. Therefore, you will soon understand that you need a beginner's guide to PC games.

The great team here welcomed me, showed me how to build a gaming PC, and laughed at my first bad attempt at playing CS: GO. Little by little, by accessing all the wonderful settings in the WePC office and our extensive Steam library, I started to become a PC game converter. This isn't to say that my PS4 and Nintendo Switch haven't had some serious uses yet, but I've started to see the grass turn greener in PC games.

So this is my guide for people like me. Those who grew up with game consoles but want to try entering the world of PC gaming. A beginner’s guide for PC games, a guide for console enthusiasts on how to switch, and a general "how to" for those who don’t know where to start.

First, you need to use a real gaming PC. Now, it's as easy as getting the latest console, because there are many great pre-built gaming PCs out there. But by pre-designing, you end up paying more than building it yourself.

Believe me, I know the idea of building a gaming PC from scratch is absolutely terrifying, but I promise, it's much easier than you think. There are some great guides that will show you how to do it step by step (can I recommend ours below?), but it is best to have someone present who knows what they are doing. Chances are, if you are a big player, you might have at least one friend who has been nagging you about how much PC games are better than console games, so grab them and ask them to help you.

Although you want to build the most powerful system in the world, if you want to enjoy great games without breaking the bank, you may want to consider a mid-range system. Check out our $600 and $700 PC versions that we update every day, they are a great choice for your first PC.

But don't forget that you also need a lot of peripheral equipment to match your tower. Therefore, at least add a little cash to your monitor, keyboard, and mouse budget (although gaming chairs and headsets are definitely recommended). All in all, for less than $1,000, you can have a perfect out-of-the-box game setup that can be easily used for a few years. When the time is right, upgrading your PC is much easier than upgrading your host!

Winner: Both.

Although PCs will become more powerful, customizable, and upgradeable, not everyone has the skills or funds to build their own.

In terms of graphics and hardware capabilities, the PC almost always beats the console. The hardware performance in gaming PCs far exceeds their console counterparts, especially in the overclocking range.

If you don’t know what overclocking is, or how to do it, we have some guidelines to help you:

However, the short version is: overclocking can make your components exceed their usual performance. Not all components can do this, but if you invest in a component that can do this, you can improve the functionality of your PC and enjoy better games.

Winner: PC

There is no doubt that if you want better game graphics, then you should choose PC to play games.

As long as the platform monopoly prevails, there will always be people who will miss it. However, with more than 30,000 games available (excluding DLC or software), it is difficult to argue with the Steam gaming giant. From the latest AAA games to low-key indie games, there is definitely something for everyone. In any case, you don't even need to give up your favorite console game. PC gamers can also play big-name games like "Death Stranding", "Cyberpunk 2077" and "Halo 3" (finally).

Compared to the Xbox or Playstation store, you are also more likely to find great value game deals on Steam. So, you will be able to get all these great games at a lower price.

Winner: PC (mostly)

Cheaper Games, Larger Library - It's easy to see why the PC will win. However, if you miss console-exclusive games like "The Last of Us Part II," "Tsuma Soul," or even "Animal Crossing," the host will get half a point here.

As a console game player, the thought of trying to use a keyboard and mouse to play games is overwhelming at first. I am an experienced controller user. If there is no controller, how can I make something worthwhile? Although many PC Masters members would like to explain the benefits of keyboard and mouse to you, you don't really have to change.

has a large number of controllers available for PC games (in addition to using existing PS4 controllers if needed). And, depending on the game you are playing, the controller may be easier to use than traditional keyboard and mouse settings (sorry, not sorry).

Winner: PC

and everyone

Suppose you manage the PC games to reach the console in most categories. And, I trusted me, as a lover of the console, that prayer was difficult to write. But you need to deliver it to your PC Master Lace, do you know yours? As soon as I was throwing my console at Scrap Heap, she throws a PC for her a year's game session, while my PS4 belongs to Netflix's obligation, I admit it.

WEPC, what did you do for me?

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