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The CPU determines how efficiently your software runs. The number of cores and threads, as well as the clock speed, will have a big impact on the game. So how do you choose between two CPUs with very similar basic characteristics?

Take 9900K and 9900KF as examples. As the name suggests, these are very similar CPUs. In fact, they are almost identical. A year later the

was released. The 9900K processor and the 9900KF processor have a lot in common. In fact, when it comes to essential features, they are basically the same. 9900KF is essentially an improved version of 9900K. So if the basic features are the same, what makes them different?

These differences are not great, but they are important. Although we will learn more about the more complex functions of these two CPUs, the essential difference is that the 9900KF has the same functions as the 9900K, but there is no integrated graphics unit.

It can be seen from the table above that the basic characteristics of 9900K and 9900KF are the same. The different features are mostly advanced, related to the graphics processing unit (GPU) or the lack of a graphics processing unit in the 9900KF.

But even though they are the same, let's take a look at the exact meaning of these functions and what they can do.

Since 9900K and 9900KF have the same number of cores, they cannot be compared in terms of number. And the structure?

8 is a large number of cores, although the ideal number for gaming is generally believed to be 6. 6 cores provide a good balance between performance and protection for the future. The 8-core

is future-proof, so there's no need to reinstall a new CPU when publishing more complex games. Simply put, more cores means the CPU will be able to perform more tasks. This is not a hard and fast rule for the number of channels and threads.

But since 9900K and 9900KF have the same number of cores, their functions will not differ much. However, more cores mean the potential for overclocking and more efficient processors overall.

In essence, 8 cores will allow the CPU to manage tasks well and enable the future. If you want to invest in something that you don't need to update temporarily, 9900K or 9900KF are great in terms of kernel. The

thread and the kernel may look similar, but they have different functions. The kernel is the physical hardware that controls how many tasks the CPU can complete at one time. Threads are essentially virtual components. Threads manage tasks and organize them so that the kernel can execute them.

Similar to the number of cores, the number of threads also has an impact, but it is not the only feature that needs attention. In fact, it is not a good idea to make any feature the most important feature. Although the 6-core is arguably the ideal choice for gaming, there are many compromises. Personal preferences are important too.

Each core can only manage one task at a time. When playing video games, multiple cores will be required. Therefore, multiple threads are required to ensure that these threads run as efficiently as possible.

If you want to run applications in the background while playing video games, you will need more threads. The number of cores will allow the tasks to run, but the threads are also necessary to ensure that they run well and do not interfere with each other.

is the same as the kernel, 9900K and 9900KF have the same number of threads. 16 is quite a few threads. But the standard thread-to-core ratio is 2: 1, so this is not surprising.

In essence, the kernel will run efficiently because there are a large number of threads available to work with it. As for the threads of this CPU, the most important thing is to know that they have enough threads and that they can work well to play.

When it comes to the more advanced 9900K and 9900KF functions, the differences are starting to appear. The main difference is that the 9900KF lacks a graphics processing unit (GPU). The

does not have this graphics unit and the 9900KF also lacks Intel Stable Image Platform (SIPP) and Intel Trusted Execution Technology. 9900K has both.

So what is the difference between GPU? The GPU is obviously an important function of the game. (To learn more about how the 9900KF works without a GPU, continue reading the performance section.) But what about the GPU in the 9900K?

Depending on who you are asking, many experienced gamers will disable the integrated GPU, which is one of the reasons why 9900K exists.

In general, the 9900K GPU is good and can work normally. However, you may want to disable it and use a separate graphics card. Therefore, the performance of 9900KF is better than 9900K.

SIPP enables disk imaging to work and seamlessly transition between certified hardware combinations. For games, the inclusion of Intel's stable image platform is negligible. It is easy to look at the specifications and assume that the CPU with the most features will be the best.

But anyone who cares about its CPU speed knows that this is not necessarily the case. This is a common argument that may be refuted by some CPUs, but fewer features may mean that the CPU runs faster and is easier to overclock.

Previously, the company described the Intel Core i99900K as "the best gaming CPU ever." This is a bold claim, but not necessarily inaccurate. 9900K is an excellent CPU

Built-in graphics unit, but 9900KF does not. But what does this mean in practice? You may already know the

, but if you choose to buy a CPU without a built-in graphics card, you also need to buy a graphics card separately. 9900KF requires a separate graphics card, which will increase the total price of the CPU.

Since the differences between 9900K and 9900KF are limited, their performance differences are limited. The biggest difference can only really be seen in overclocking. The lack of the

integrated graphics unit indicates a higher excessive blocking capability. Many CPUs are sold under lock and key and therefore cannot be overclocked. This is done to prevent users from overworking and damaging the processor. But both the 9900K and 9900KF are unlocked.

This means that both can be pushed to the limit. The style of these processors means that they are very suitable for gaming. Both use solder thermal interface material (STIM), which is specifically designed to maximize heat transfer from the processor to the cooler.

When it comes to games, GPU is generally more important than CPU. If speed and performance are more important to you than cost. The purchase of 9900KF and an additional GPU will provide a faster and more visually appealing gaming experience.

For games, clock speed is very important. The clock speed determines the speed of your game. The

core controls tasks, and threads organize them and ensure that they run efficiently, but the clock speed is an indicator and measure of the overall CPU operating speed.

Generally speaking, a clock speed between 3.5GHz and 4.0GHz is ideal for gaming. So the 3.6GHz main frequency of 9900K and 9900KF can be used.

If you want a faster CPU, both 9900K and 9900KF are unlocked. They all have a maximum capacity of 5.0 GHz, which is a good additional capacity. In terms of

price, 9900KF is a bit cheaper than 9900K. But this is not a big price change. It's definitely not a big enough change to make up for the lack of an integrated graphics processing unit. The

9900KF has one less feature than the 9900K, but its prices are still very close. As mentioned above, if you choose to buy 9900KF, you may need to purchase a graphics card separately. This will drive up the total price of the CPU. This would defeat the purpose of buying a simpler and cheaper version. Both

CPUs are currently available on Amazon, and neither has been discontinued. Although 9900KF is an updated version, it does not replace 9900K.

is more than just 9900KF is an upgraded version of 9900K. It was released recently, but only as a modified version of 9900K.

Generally speaking, the prices of 9900K and 9900KF are more expensive. Intel is a well-known and trusted brand. Therefore, you will invest your money in things that are reliable and durable. But there are cheaper alternatives with similar characteristics.

This is especially true considering that the 9900KF has fewer functions. The lack of GPU should indeed make the price of 9900KF a bit lower than it is now.

Therefore, if the 9900K is calling you, please continue, but it is unlikely that it will go anywhere anytime soon. However, if you want to control the graphics quality yourself and have a high budget, 9900KF is a good choice.

For such a similar processor, it is difficult to say which is the superior CPU. The 9900KF has fewer features than the 9900K, but their prices are very similar.

is not only 9900KF, which has fewer functions, so it is of inferior quality, so it is more affordable. The lack of features in the 9900KF allows for the potential increase in overclocking. Therefore, it is possible to increase the speed of the game.

In essence, 9900KF offers more options. If you often find yourself disabling the graphics unit built into the CPU and using a separate graphics card, then the 9900KF allows you to reach its full potential. 9900KF provides more freedom in overclocking.

This is useful, but it doesn't really prove price similarity. As mentioned above, you still have to buy a graphics card separately. So the cost of buying a 9900KF is not only about the same as the 9900K, but it will ultimately be more expensive overall. The

9900KF is useful, but the 9900K is even better because it has more features at the same price. The capacity and potential of 9900KF are controversial. However, you cannot really argue about the superiority of the CPU based on its capabilities.

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