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If you manage to avoid all knowledge of the Intel / AMD war, we salute you. It's like walking in a storm without being hit by a raindrop, but before you sound the alarm and launch this CPU grand slam, let us make you speed it up.

The origins of Intel and AMD are somewhat tangled, both companies were founded by Fairchild Semiconductor employees a few months apart. Intel was the first to appear, and until 2017, when AMD released its first Ryzen CPU, there was no real competitor.

By supporting consumer-friendly principles such as backward compatibility and open updates, AMD has attracted dissatisfied Intel customers ever since. The main reason is that the new generation of Intel CPUs almost always need a new motherboard.

Until recently, Intel was considered the original single-core speed company, and AMD was the weapon of choice for multitasking programs, but with its latest generation of CPUs, AMD finally defeated its opponents ... Advantage of the game.

CPU speed



LGA socket 1151


count 6

cache size


wattage 65 watts

speed 3.4GHz-3.9Ghz

core (thread)


Socket AM4



When you need to upgrade your CPU, you need to consider the number of cores first. In any case, when it comes to CPU performance, the kernel is very important. Generally speaking, because they are responsible for the execution of all instructions, the more you can afford, the better.

Of course, our Intel and AMD CPU competitors have 6 cores, which is a staggering number for some very fluid modern games, but, although it looks the same, we haven't discussed the threads yet. The thread is essentially the task manager of the kernel, and the kernel may have one or two threads. The R5 2600 has a multi-threaded core, which means it has a total of 12 threads, while the i5 9400F has only 6, one for each core.

This doesn't mean that the Ryzen chip is better, it's just different. The reason for this is that multi-threaded cores are incredibly difficult to take on in intensive multi-program workloads, but their latency is slightly higher than single-threaded cores. Therefore, a CPU with a single-threaded core is faster in certain tasks, such as games. It is also important to understand that cores from different companies cannot be compared only in quantity, because they can operate in completely different ways. The

clock speed is the second aspect of the CPU, if not equally important. Your clock speed (in GHz) works with the core.

When comparing the clock speeds of these R5 and i5 chips, things get a little tricky. At 3.4GHz, our Ryzen CPU has a better base clock speed, our Intel chip is only 2.9GHz, but its increased frequency completely reversed the situation. The highest frequency of 2600 is 3.9GHz, and i5 9400F reaches the highest frequency of 4.1GHz.

The sweet spot of modern games is considered to be 3.5Ghz or higher, so you need to take advantage of the enhancements of the two CPUs to ensure that the frequency is maintained at an appropriate level, but the basic clock of the AMD card is only 1GHz, which seems to be the most reliable choice.

By looking at the different architecture characteristics of these CPUs, we began to understand the comparison of these CPUs more clearly, hoping to give you an idea that is more suitable for you. The

i5 9400F is based on the F variant of the Coffee Lake architecture and is an update of the Intel Sky Lake model. The only real difference between Coffee and Sky Lake is the number of cores that the CPU can hold and the larger L3 cache. F means two things: one is that the 9400F does not have an integrated Intel graphics card, and the other is that it cannot be overclocked. In fact, even overclocking the unlocked Intel K series requires a more expensive Z motherboard.

AMD R5 2600 is a product of its Zen + architecture and the 2018 successor to its original Zen microarchitecture. In addition to lower power consumption, it also uses a smaller process size of 12 nanometers and achieves a faster clock speed. It's also unlocked, which means it can be overclocked, not just with the X570 motherboard, but the cheaper B540 motherboard as well.

As we mentioned earlier, although a single-threaded kernel can process a single task faster, a multi-threaded kernel is much better at supporting parallel workflows. This means that if you want to run many things at the same time, the multi-threaded Ryzen chip is definitely the right choice for you.

Content creators especially need a CPU that can perform multitasking well. CPU-intensive software, such as 3D rendering and animation software, and photo or video editing software, requires multiple threads to run properly.

It's not just the creative workflow that benefits from many threads. Today, more and more AAA games are being developed to take advantage of every available core and thread. In this case, a multi-threaded CPU will help achieve faster frame rates and smoother graphics.

CPU speed

2.9 Ghz-4.1 Ghz

CPU socket

LGA 1151

Number of processors


Cache size



64 65 Watt 4 4 Ghz 4 4 Ghz 4 4 4 4h 4 4 4 3 4 4 4 4 3 4 3 4 4 5 Watt 4 3 4 3 4 4 4 3 4 4 3 4 4 3 4 4-thread Socket




In our opinion, AMD chips are useful for finding both work and The CPU for gaming is a more logical choice for people who already provide greater versatility and is only a few frames behind matching i5 9400F on average. In addition, although older AMD cards cannot fully recognize the overclocking function, you can at least use the R5 chip for overclocking. The

"F" suffix is actually a grindstone around the neck of the Intel chip's silicon to prevent any modification. R5 2600 still need

You can play games anyway, but when you consider that the R5 2600 is equipped with its own Wraith Prism cooling solution, you seem to be at a loss.

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