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It is a version that was waiting, and an enthusiastic user can now pick up the Threadripper 3970x and 3960x resolutions today. I have been very interested in these news of the processor for a few weeks. Some solid reference numbers will finally be considered that these processors are officially released. Start with

3960x, this Ryzen model chip is a 48-wire 24-core processor, 3.8 GHz base clock speed, up to 4.5 GHz Turbo clock rates. The chip has a total of L 3 cached of 128 MB and 280 W TDP.

Check our 3960x and

3970x to buy a page. The Mobile 3970x processor of

3960x has 64 yarns, 3.7 GHz Speed watch base and up to 4.5 GHz Turbo rates. The additional specifications of this chip include 128 MB Total L 3 Caching and 280 W TDP.

3960x has a price of approximately $ 1400, 3970 times 3970 x, depending on the retailer. Since there are many users who are expecting that these chips be released for now, we are surprised to see the action almost slightly rejected.

I know what people who had been caused by these processors have been reduced to these processors. From a performance point of view, it should be possible to see how much it works in the coming weeks, since the 3970x has occurred for the Intel i910980xe. We had a good performance with a point of reference that was filtered before, but it will be exciting to see these numbers for ourselves.

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