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The AMD Ryzen 7 3700X and Ryzen 7 3800X CPUs were released on July 7, 2019. They are popular choices in the gaming community. It's easy to understand why, considering that AMD has significantly improved its CPU games in recent years.

Since these two CPUs were released on the same day and have similar specs, if you go for the AMD brand, the question is which one should you go for?

In today's article, we'll take a closer look at Ryzen 7 3700X and Ryzen 7 3800X and combine them. We will compare your core, drive clock and base clock to give you a better understanding of which is the best choice.

We will also look at the total price of both and decide if they are in line with the popularity and hype surrounding them. For us, it is more a question of which one you should choose, rather than whether you should choose any one.

Before getting into the details of each CPU, we have compiled a specification sheet for the 3700X and 3800X for your review.


3.6 GHz / 4.4 GHz

Core (line)








PCIe version

PCIe 4.0 x16

Total L2 cache


Total L3 cache




Max Temps

444 Intel

cooler is slightly better


3.9GHz / 4.5GHz

Core (threads)






Gaming performance

4449 4400 Version

105W TDP means that heat may be a problem with insufficient cooling.

For avid gamers, you will notice a very subtle difference between the base clock and the boost clock. Also, TDP is different too. As we delve into this article, we'll take a look at these three key differences.

On paper, compared to the Ryzen 7 3700X, the Ryzen 7 3800X appears to be a slightly better CPU. However, the CPU and how it works are not just specs, so we won't decide which one is better just yet.

In these sections, we will introduce the components and functions of the 3700X and 3800X in more detail. We will compare them and see which one is better.

If the cache memory of the CPU you choose is not high enough, your PC may not be able to load games and files. Too low a cache can have a bigger impact on your gaming experience than you might think.

If we look at these CPUs, they all have the same L1, L2, and L3 caches, so in this regard it doesn't matter which one you decide to choose.

Although the cache is the same, is it enough to play?

Well, this is something to consider. The cache of two CPUs is very suitable for games. Although they may not be the best on the market, they are sturdy and work well. When looking for a gaming CPU,

PCI Express 4.0 is to be considered, but it is not the most important factor. Compared with PCI Express 3.0,

PCI Express 4.0 will improve your overall gaming experience. It will improve the loading time of the game. Although the difference is not great, it will have an overall positive effect.

If you have to choose between 4.0 and 3.0, we recommend the former. It can also increase your overall bandwidth.

If we focus on 3700X and 3800X, they both have PCI Express 4.0, so in this sense, they will work the same. The calorific value and power consumption of the CPU

should be considered before purchasing. When CPUs are running, they naturally generate a lot of heat, especially when gaming.

In view of this, you must have adequate cooling system to prevent CPU from overheating. Both the 3700X and 3800X have a Wraith Prism Cooler. The cooler works effectively.

The power consumption of these CPUs is slightly different. The following are the specifications of each model:

Ryzen 7 3700X - 65W

Ryzen 7 3800X - 105W

Of the two models, you can see that the 3800X has significantly higher power consumption compared to the 3700X. Although the higher wattage of the

means that the overall performance of the 3800X is better, it also means that the CPU will achieve higher heat generation, which is worth keeping in mind.

Both CPU chipsets are backward compatible. This means that if you don't want to update the motherboard, you don't have to update it. These CPUs are compatible with AM4 motherboards.

Regardless of the specs, the next thing to consider is CPU performance. In the next part of this article, we will discuss the overall performance of each CPU. We will consider things like the base clock and the boost clock of each processor. The

base and boost clock speed is one of the most important things to consider when looking at the processor. AMD performs well on the speed of both CPUs.

For many gamers, clock speed is a deciding factor in choosing the right processor. The clock speed determines the overall operating speed of your PC. The better the clock speed, the higher its efficiency

A better choice for general games. However, although it is better, it is not too different. 3800X will process data faster, if you want to take your game more seriously, it may be a better choice for you. The number of cores of the

processor is another important factor to consider when gaming. The higher the number of

cores, the better your CPU can handle multitasking. If your CPU does not have enough cores, this is not necessarily essential when playing games, but your game may be difficult to load.

3700X and 3800X have the same number of cores, both are 8. Although this is not the highest number of cores, it is enough for games.

threads are closely connected to the core of the CPU. However, although the core and the physical core, the thread is virtual. They are responsible for helping your CPU handle multitasking. They are an important element that can prevent your processor from being put under too much pressure during use.

Similarly, 3700X and 3800X have 16 threads. This is a good number to look for in gaming CPUs.

You will continue to have a good gaming experience and you can perform several tasks at the same time without slowing down your PC.

If you think your PC is running at a speed that is not as fast as it should and you want to increase it, you can do so by overclocking. Not all processors allow you to overclock. If not, it is not easy to replace and update them.

Fortunately, both 3700X and 3800X allow you to overclock. Although care must be taken when overclocking, it can be done with these CPUs.

It is worth considering that compared to 3700X, the overall 3800X overclocking may be better due to its slightly higher specs.

In general, the overall gaming experience using these CPUs should not be much different. The specifications of the two are very similar.

However, if you want to take the game more seriously, Ryzen 7 3800X may be your best choice. You may notice slight improvements. Although there is not much difference, the overall performance of the 3800X will be slightly better.

3700X and 3800X are excellent game choices, enough to start your gaming journey. If you want to upgrade your old CPU to a fairly cheap CPU, we recommend it. The availability of

3700X and 3800X is very good. They can be purchased at many websites and stores. Since they have only been introduced for more than a year, they are still one of the best CPUs on the market. In view of this, they should not be out of stock anytime soon.

These CPUs are still in production and continue to be popular in the gaming community.

In terms of cost, this is one of the main differences between the two AMD Ryzen models. As expected, the 3700X is cheaper than the 3800X. However, its overall specifications are lower.

When looking at these two models, you must weigh whether the price increase of the 3800X is reasonable. Although it has better specs, it is not much different.

If you are a beginner and have a big budget, we recommend that you buy 3700X. It works well and contains everything you need to start a gaming PC.

However, if you are a seasoned gamer, you may notice the impact of the increased specs on the overall gaming experience. In view of this, 3800X may be your best option.

There is little difference in price between the two, they are both under $ 100. In the big CPU pricing plan, this is the smallest. In light of this, if your budget allows, we recommend that you spend a little more money to upgrade to 3800X. If you want to buy either of these two CPUs, you can buy them through Amazon USA:

. In short, Ryzen 7 3700X and Ryzen 7 3800X are impressive CPUs. AMD excels with its newer processors and it is easy to see the work being done to improve the specs.

Although the 3800X's base and boost clocks are higher, the overall performance will be slightly better, but these differences are small. Although you may notice these differences, they are not very different.

If you have extra cash to splurge, we recommend buying a 3800X, but buying a 3700X at a cheaper price is still a good option. They all have all the specifications required for normal games, and they are all fairly new CPU models.

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