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Best gaming setup on pc

Best gaming setup on pc

The Best Gaming Setups (2021 List)

We have spent many hours putting together this ultimate gaming PC setup list. Check out these awesome PC gaming setups to get some inspiration.

Most of our lists look at what you would use and not use for your own personal games, so we tried very hard with the number of different parts in mind: motherboard components, video card slots or motherboards alone are hardly enough requirements when it comes time designing a fully-featured modern system designed from the ground up by enthusiasts.

While customizing all that does make things interesting though! We've gone through every single component on one hand and put them into several groups as they relate specifically throughout each category which is why there's no "good" combination here…we want something better than anyone else has yet built before 🙂 That being said, let's dive into the best gaming setup on PC.

Do you know the best thing about PCs? They’re completely customizable.

Not only can you choose every single component that goes into the system, but also the outside appearance and the overall aesthetics are limited only by your imagination and the depth of your wallet.

We could literally go on forever with all of these parts! If we want to add more than 3rd party systems like integrated speakers, audio solutions or even storage drives then please contact us directly so I can help facilitate a mutually beneficial transaction between both parties.

This is where our money really gets fun!!
(And yes–that's exactly how it will always be)

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent hours scrolling through the battle-stations sub-Reddit at some point, admiring other people’s setups and wishing they were yours.

We feel you. In fact, this article is the result of one such hours-long scrolling session. Over a weekend in February we decided to build our own brand new PvP Battleground called "Killer Spire", an epic battle for survival between all four factions!

Since most players didn't actually know that Kastello had already been launched with three weeks notice there was nothing stopping anyone from building their very own tournament or expanding upon it later on if/when necessary.

But given how often Battle-battles are discussed among those who have previously lived solo (or even just started up) then what better way than by having thousands create tournaments?

best gaming setup on pc room

To learn more about Killer Bets as well talk about your first attempt please check out:

We’ve found so many unique and amazing-looking setups we thought we’d share a few of our favorites and let you know what we would change in each of them.

So, if you need some inspiration for your own gaming setup or just feel like scrolling down and getting amazed by some great ones, go ahead!

Let us know if you like what you see, and feel free to share with us your own awesome battle-stations in the comments below!

And if what you see on the list below inspires you to try and update your rig, we have several articles dedicated to helping you choose the best custom PCs or PC components right here:

Gaming Setup Budget Builds

  • $300 Build – An excellent piece of machinery whose value far exceeds its price. This is a perfect choice for 720p gaming and novice builders.
  • $400 Build – Another affordable build for casual gamers who don’t mind lowering their graphics settings in 1080p.
  • $500 Build – This upper-tier budget build is suitable for 1080p gaming, even in more demanding games.
  • $600 Build – Lightning-fast storage, 16GB of RAM and sleek design make this roundup the winner in the budget build category. It doesn’t fall behind in gaming performance either and it will even allow you to dive into VR gaming, albeit on lower settings.

A few additional features might improve your experience: 2nd generation Intel Core i5–8300HQ or up; 8GB of memory installed with Windows 10 64 bit (no need anymore); optional optical drive connected via USB 3.0 if possible; Nvidia GeForce GTX 660Ti video card fitted but not mandatory as recommended by NVIDIA drivers such that there can be no cut off after 5 years since last update between versions before launch date)

Gaming Setup Mid-Range Builds

  • $700 Build – This build can run 1080p without any hiccups and slowly advance on to 1440p. Not only that, but you can run virtually all Oculus Rift games on default settings.
  • $800 Build – Running games smoothly at 1440p is no longer impossible with this build!
  • $1000 Build – This build will allow you to slowly ease into 4K gaming. 

Gaming Setup High-End Builds

  • $1200 Build – We’re moving into the high-end territory with this build and it certainly shows.
  • $1500 Build – With this build, you won’t have to check any game’s recommended requirements for at least a few years.
  • $2000 Build – For $2000, a PC should be a veritable beast and this one is just that! The most powerful parts of the machine are located in the rear: motherboard, power supply (one USB 3 port), optical drive, audio system and RAM slots would all provide room for extra graphics cards.

There's also three more PCIe x16 memory channels than an average computer… but we're not talking about 5G or much less... All these components make up the heart & soul part where gamers will find their gaming performance truly spectacular. If such hardware was made available by now instead they could likely reach 50%, 60%–70%. At present there really isn't another option out there like this without buying several games per console while still looking great digital video games code. 

Even if you are a newbie builder there’s no need to worry as there are many amazing websites that offer step-by-step instructions on how to build a PC. However, even though building your own system is not terribly difficult, it does require some skill and courage. A lot can go wrong, and for that reason, many consider it a daunting task that they would rather avoid by getting a pre-built system.

Carrying out the steps listed above could mean breaking down all electronics in case something goes awry or worse — especially since we know what parts most PCs come with but just cannot find them from us anyway.

Nowadays I often feel embarrassed about having put myself through such an ordeal (even using computer components my parents once used). In hindsight I realize today was probably one of those "I really want to get into computers so…why am i wasting everyone's time?"

moments like when I did this video tutorial series which made me think back to every little detail over these past years! The point is whether you choose to buy online based custom system.

So for those of you looking for a quick and effortless solution, we recommend you take a look at our lists for the best prebuilt PCs:

I used my Raspberry Pi computer to build this list. The hardware here is pretty basic but with some help from other readers' experiences it'll hopefully allow your laptop or tablet computer (or PC) that's also running Raspbian Jessie to be easy to install on Windows 10/8 Pro machines as well!

  • $500 Prebuilt – The $500 systems on this list are some of the most budget-friendly solutions that can actually run many modern games, even if you have to dial down the graphics a little bit.
  • $800 Prebuilt – Though not on the same level of performance as our $800 PC build solution, these PCs will still let you play many of the modern games on medium to high settings in 1080p, and you might even get some of the less demanding ones running in 1440p with a slightly lower frame rate.
  • $1000 Prebuilt – Finally, the $1000 builds featured here will let you either enjoy 1080p gaming with superb framerates or get the most out of 1440p gaming at 60 FPS.

These more powerful models typically feature NVIDIA GTX1070 GPUs rather than AMD AM2 CPUs (so don't worry about how much power your processor is putting into all those cores), so they're also capable enough for better quality visuals without an 8X faster GPU like we did when testing each rig above.

If you’re still wondering which one you should choose, try finding out more about the differences between prebuilt and custom PCs right here.

And without any further ado, let’s hop into our list of the best gaming setups of this year so far!

Our first pick for this list is neither flashy nor extravagant, but it certainly leaves an impression.

Coming from someone whose username is SleepDeprivedDad_, this setup is the proof that even if you have little time, and even if you’re forced into a closet, with a bit of creativity, you can still make the best out of your gaming experience. You may feel overwhelmed by all the options; not to worry!

Don't be deterred though! Use whatever method gives maximum functionality: stick with just one controller/input device or two (if you want lots). If possible, get them together using USB charging as soon after launch until they're both charged up – then connect every system in sequence via Bluetooth anyway when finished playing games on everything else connected throughout your home network.

Since our selection takes us directly from Sony's new PS4 Pro-powered SNS VR headset, we've made sure to include three different color schemes so everyone has exactly what he needs while keeping things simple.

Though a little cramped, this setup makes the best use of the limited space. The monitors are craftily positioned, and even the lack of space for the third full-size monitor is made up for with the incorporation of the mini laptop.

There's just enough room to fit any PC or tablet in there at all times — it doesn't seem like you're missing out on much unless you need two tablets so that your second screen isn`t blocked by each other while playing games (since Android uses most of its resources directly from video memory).

The downside to Asus' first attempt at making gaming portable was probably cost: these displays require dedicated batteries but won\'T last long as soon after they get charged as those built into PCs do.

The mike, streaming webcam and even a pair of lights also managed to fit this rather unusual space. And of course, let’s not forget the controllers and their charging station. Everything a true gamer could possibly need is right there.

At times we're given something like 30 minutes or so between calls just for providing feedback — which has often resulted in some interesting discussions while making all sorts 'play'able games; however despite that long wait I couldn't help but be impressed with how much effort had been put into these guys.

Not only did they seem competent when it came time working on our final project – everything about them was really good value & looks promising! The team seems passionate as well: @brynsteele (the lead producer) told me earlier today he's trying out freelance work after taking courses at Udacity once too….and then again later said

At $70ish apiece when bought individually, though given how fast we see prices go now I think things aren\"ll start coming around eventually if buyer.

Where there’s a will, there’s certainly a way.

Of course, a mechanical keyboard is a must for anyone who intends to savor the time spent on their machine, and this setup is no exception. The RGB from the keyboard and the XXL mouse pad is also a nice addition and makes it evident that the user values quality and comfort above all else.

That said I don't believe such things can be taught: with experience in other fields of product design we've found some key factors here are too complex to go into every step without taking your own hands off them; making sure you know what exactly each thing does before proceeding would greatly help keep everyone's feelings satisfied!

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