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Best gaming power supply

If Tony Stark builds a gaming PC for himself, what processor do you think he will use? Most likely, it has built a platform driven by an arc-shaped reactor and will integrate a rocket launcher and anti-gravity device. But if you are a bit in a hurry, you can put your face on the box and grab a part of the shelf. Enter the Intel Core i910850KA, the Avengers version of the high-end tenth-generation Intel CPU, and now use the coupon "SLKDLS85" for a limited time discount of $30. The A in

"i910850KA" refers to the most powerful hero Avengers on the planet, but the working principle of the chip is the same as the standard i910850K. The main difference between the two is that the brand on the packaging has been wonderfully redesigned. With this bundle of NewEgg, you can also get a free copy of the recently released Marvel Avengers game, otherwise you will spend about $60. It also includes access to a series of Intel exclusive "hero costumes." With this bundle, you will get:

Intel Core i9 10850KA and the same performance 10850K, which is a newer i9, using Intel’s powerful ten-core design, with a base clock of 3.60 GHz, a maximum turbo frequency of up to 5.20 GHz, and a 20MB Intel Smart Cache. It has Intel UHD Graphics 630, so you can use this processor for non-graphics-intensive work without a dedicated GPU, but if you want to use such a higher GPU, you will most likely need to pair it with a graphics card with similar capacity.

This CPU easily exceeds the recommended requirements for Avengers games, and is even the most CPU-intensive game available today. It's a performance beast that can be used as a powerful CPU for any gaming PC. With this CPU, you can play "Avengers" and many other CPU-intensive games at high frame rates.

We publish our impressions during the extensive testing of the game here. Jack has been playing it on our BGFG Twitch channel, and you can view the archive of his latest broadcast here.

Use coupon "SLKDLS85" to purchase this processor for a limited time and get an immediate $ 30 discount.

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