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AMD 2700x and 3600 are great options for desktops, but which one offers the best gaming performance?

2700X is the second-generation Ryzen 7 released in Q2 2018. This CPU is equipped with impressive 8 cores and 16 threads, running at standard 3.7 GHz and 4.3 GHz boost clocks. Paper, the 8-core, 16-thread configuration is great for multitasking, but how does it compare to the new 3600?

The Ryzen 5 3600 released in Q3 2019 is the 3rd Gen Ryzen 5 CPU. Thanks to AMD's new 7nm manufacturing process, the 3600 can deliver better performance with lower power consumption. It also benefits from the backward compatibility of motherboards with AM4 sockets, requiring a simple BIOS update to old motherboards to support higher version CPUs. The

is equipped with 6 cores and 12 threads, while the number of threads and cores provided by the 3600 is slightly lower. This model runs with a base clock of 3.6GHz and a maximum boost of 4.2GHz, with an impressive 65W TDP.

The following table compares each side of the processor. So what is the difference between these two CPUs?


3.7 Ghz-4.3 Ghz

Core (line)








PCIe version

PCIe 3.0 x16

L2 Total cache

4 MB

L3 Total cache

16 MB


12nm FinFET

Excellent temperature

444 444 Overclocking 444 Overclocking



Overclocking 444 Overclocking 444 Overclocking money


3.6GHz / 4.2GHz

core (thread)







is the PCIe version of

PCIe 4.0 X16

L2 cache total


L3 cache total



TSMC 7-nautical-mile FinFET

peak temperature


Amazing cost performance

Very high single-threaded performance

can produce 100+ fps of the most popular AAA games.

Bios update. If you want to pair with 300/400 series motherboards, the number of cores in the

CPU will generally not have a huge impact on your gaming experience. But the difference between 2700X and 3600 is worth mentioning.

This is where 2700X is better than 3600, with 2 more cores. However, most games are not designed to use multiple cores. In contrast, single-core performance has a greater impact on game performance. If you plan to stream or use the desktop for daily tasks, more cores will allow for more simultaneous processes without slowing down your system. The

2700X has a total of 16 threads, 4 more than the 3600. Although more cores and threads cannot directly translate into improved game performance, more cores and threads will handle increased workload more efficiently.

If you're streaming or running a lot of background processes while gaming, the 2700X's extra cores and threads will help prevent dropped frames and increase the minimum average frame rate by 1%. The base frequency of the

2700X is 3.7 GHz and the maximum turbo boost frequency is 4.3 GHz. On the other hand, the base frequency of the 3600 is 3.6GHz, which is 100MHz lower than that of the 2700X. The turbo frequency is also 100MHz lower than the 4.2GHz 2700X. What's interesting about the

is that despite the lower base frequency and turbo frequency, the gaming performance of the 3600 is similar to or improved by 5% compared to the 2700X.

This is due to the Zen 2 microarchitecture, which benefits from the 7nm manufacturing process, which improves performance and energy efficiency. AMD engineers have been able to increase the number of instructions per clock for all Zen 2 cores by 15%, thus increasing the amount of processing that the CPU can execute per clock.

This explains why the 3600 can use less power and equal or exceed 2700X in gaming, while having a low clock speed of 100MHz.

Another important difference is the size of the cache. There are big differences between L1, L2, and L3 cache functions. In games, the architecture and cache size play an important role in quickly transferring data to the CPU.

This is good news for the 3600, because the Zen 2 architecture has larger L1, L2, and L3 cache sizes, allowing important data to be cached on the CPU for extremely fast processing.

Since the game involves many repetitive tasks, caching the most commonly used assets in the game can reduce the number of times the CPU retrieves data from RAM. Although RAM is extremely fast compared to SSD/HHD, the asset smart cache on the CPU chip reduces the time it takes to retrieve assets from RAM, thereby improving overall performance. The larger the

capacity, the more data caches that can be stored. This is another advantage of the 3600 and part of the reason why its performance in games can reach or exceed 2700X.

Well, now we know exactly what all these complex specifications mean and what they can do. But what does this actually look like?

As mentioned above, the 2700X will be able to run more tasks and manage them more efficiently due to the higher number of threads and cores. So what does this mean for games? Of course, you can run different applications in the background. But how does it affect the game itself?

Well, threads are important, but for running games core and clock speed should be your main concerns.

Although the core and thread will make a difference in the game. Clock speed is also an important factor. The clock speed is essentially a measure of how many cycles per second the CPU can execute. There is no doubt that the

clock speed is essentially the speed at which the CPU and games run. The faster the speed, the faster the game will be.

But the maximum boost clock is different from the actual clock speed. Like 2700X

Generally, the 2700X is the most expensive option. Considering that it is larger, heavier, and has a higher capacity and capacity, this is not surprising.

However, as you will see from the information above, more capacity and higher features do not automatically equal a better CPU. Therefore, a more expensive CPU does not automatically equate to better performance. These two options are quite affordable compared to many other similar CPUs available. Both

, 2700X and 3600 are currently available for purchase on Amazon. There are many models to choose from. But be sure to read all specifications. Even if the name implies that the different models are variants of the 2700X and 3600, they will still be very different and their functions will be different.

Speed 3.7 GHz-4.3 GHz

Core (Line)





w Speed

3.6 GHz / 4.2 GHz

Core (Line)


Inserting AM4


65 W

and saying that 3600 is a faulty CPU is no dispute. But the 2700X is definitely among the best. It has more cores and more threads. The capacity increase, base clock, and maximum clock increase may seem insignificant, but they will still make a difference. One of the main reasons

2700X exceeds 3600 is the maximum temperature. As the function increases, it is necessary to increase the maximum temperature. But such a big difference will definitely be different.

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