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We have already seen some hints from the GPU manufacturer Galax that there may be more graphics cards in the Nvidia GeForce 30 series product line, including the 20GB version of the 3080, the upgraded version of the RTX 3070, and the entry-level 3060.

Well, this must be An interesting development. Nvidia has just impressed PC users around the world with the excellent gaming performance of its new GeForce RTX 3080 GPU. The GPU was so successful that even Nvidia was surprised, but things didn’t stop there. .

We already know that RTX 3090 is about to come out, but Nvidia also plans to introduce more graphics cards in the future to expand its product line, at least according to the roadmap of graphics card manufacturer Galax. The

candid photos show the internal roadmap of future graphics cards, indicating that there are more GPU variants of the Nvidia 30 series than we realized.

Nvidia has confirmed RTX 3070, RTX 3080 and RTX 3090, but here we see some new cards. Here are the other cards that NVIDIA is preparing:

This is a particularly interesting card that may be designed to fill the huge gap between the RTX 3080 price of $ 699 and the RTX 3090 price of $ 1,499. There is a lot of space between these two cards, so we can easily imagine a variant of the RTX 3080 with VRAM in the middle of these two price points. Although the overall performance and features of the RTX 3080 work well in games currently on the market, compared to previous generations of GPUs, the lack of a significant increase in video memory may be its biggest shortcoming, which may be a challenge for future versions. Perhaps this 20GB variant can be designed to solve this problem. Lot

This is the internal name of the upcoming card and does not represent your customer-facing brand. It will be located between RTX 3070 and RTX 3080, and the previous naming convention indicated that this will eventually become RTX 3070 Ti or Super.

Even if the RTX 3070 is stable in the mid-range price range, it is no wonder that Nvidia is developing some kind of entry-level card for its 30 series product line. This may be 1080p-based games and gamers who want low-power cards that can run modern games even after checking certain settings. These types of cards don't have the huge profit margins of a single high-end card, but they can be sold to a large number of users on a large scale, especially on pre-built desktops.

Whatever these cards are ultimately accurate, when they will be released and how much they will cost is still up in the air. Nvidia can easily put this information in your pocket to counter the 6900xt that AMD plans to release and other Big Navi-based GPUs that we will hear about soon.

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