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We will compare two popular graphics cards created by Nvidia. The two GeForce GPUs are RTX 2070 Super and GTX 1080 Ti.

In this article, we will look at its overall specifications to find out the best model. We will evaluate FPS and MRender in general. We will also compare the architecture of VRAM and the two.

clock speed

1815 MHz




10.5 inches

clock speed

1632 MHz




Nvidia focuses on graphics cards and may create the best model available.

In 1997, when they produced the first GPU, they took the game world by storm. Since then, they have been popular with PC gamers.

When it comes to Nvidia's flagship high-end GPU, companies like AMD have been working hard to meet the specifications. Although AMD has managed to close the competition gap in recent years, most of Nvidia's GPUs outperform AMD.

Although NVIDIA is known for its high-end graphics cards, they also produce many low-end and mid-range graphics cards. Nvidia is committed to releasing the highest specs and technologically advanced GPUs. Overall, your products are awesome.

The following are the clock speed specifications for these GPUs:

base clock-1605MHz

base clock-1815MHz

base clock-1480MHz

base clock-1632MHz

Architecture is an important aspect to consider. The better your GPU architecture, the better its overall performance. It can also improve your game.

Looking at the architecture of the two GeForce cards, it is clear that the 2070 Super is the more expensive GPU.

GeForce 2070 Super uses the NVIDIA Turing architecture. The architecture is powerful and supports DLFF2.0 AIEnhanced graphics. Compared to the old Nvidia GPU, its performance has been multiplied by 6.

It has ray tracing capabilities and the tensor core is one of the most advanced. The architecture uses next-generation variable light shading and concurrent processing. The grid shader is great and won't slow down the game. The

GeForce 1080 Ti uses the Nvidia Pascal architecture. Although this architecture is still great, NVIDIA Turing beat it. Compared with previous GPUs, Nvidia Pascal's running speed and performance have been increased by 3 times, and it is compatible with the next generation of virtual reality. It supports DirectX 12 and provides excellent overall efficiency.

From a clock speed perspective, the 2070 Super is impressive. Although the speed of 1080 Ti is very suitable for games, they cannot match the performance of 2070 Super. The

GPU cooling system is very important, especially when you plan to overclock. Both GPUs have adequate cooling systems. The 2070 has two fans to aid air circulation and keep the GPU cool. The 1080 ti has only one radial fan. Both have a steam chamber. The maximum temperature of

2070 Super is 88°C. The maximum temperature of 1080 Ti is 91°C. It is always recommended to run the GPU at these temperatures to avoid overheating. 650W is recommended for

2070 Super and 600W for 1080 Ti. The power consumption of the 1080 Ti is greater than 250W. The 2070's superpower consumption is 215 W. Although this is only a small difference, it must be taken into account.

The following are the dimensions of each GPU:

Height - 4.556 ”

Length - 10.5”

Width - 2 slots

Height - 4.376 ”

Length - 11.7”

Width - 4 GPU, will fit when you need to buy a GPU 24 version of your PC. Although all GPUs are similar in size, they are all different. Although they are the same length, the 2070 Super is slightly larger overall. They all have 2-slot slots common to graphics cards.

Both GPUs use PCIe 3.0 x 14. Although this interface is sufficient, PCIe 4.0 was recently released. With this in mind, it’s worth noting that these GPUs will eventually become less forward-looking.

resolution and FPS are the two most important specifications you need to study. The

resolution is responsible for the clarity of the overall graphics on the screen. Both GPUs have 4K capabilities. 1080 Ti is the first graphics card that runs 4K (1440p) without affecting game performance, which is a huge leap for Nvidia.

We compared these two GPUs to see which one performed better overall and during gameplay. Although the overall clock speed of the 2070 Super is better, the 1080 Ti is better in the game.

Judging from the overall effective speed, 1080 Ti is 16 ster, which may surprise some people. When looking at the average performance, the overall performance of the 1080 Ti is 8 times better. However, 2070 Super has better MRender speed. Compared to the 133fps of 1080 Ti, it is 182fps. After

overclocking, 1080 Ti is even better overall. Compared to the 141 fps on the 2070 Super, see gravity at 197 fps. However, the 2070 Super MRender is once again superior to the 1080 Ti when overclocked. If you plan to run multiple programs while gaming, 2070 Super is the best option.

Looking at the gameplay, 2070 Super is 5plus, which is not surprising because it has the latest architecture. When watching "World of Warcraft", it runs at 130 fps, while 1080 ti runs at 117 fps.

Both are excellent in different areas of FPS. However, the 2070 Super is a slightly better GPU that can be used for gaming performance and multitasking. Ray tracing

is a fairly new feature, currently only available for Nvidia GeForce RTX GPUs. RT core in GPU help

Even better. The memory speed of the

2070 Super is 14 Gbps, and the memory speed of the 1080 Ti is 11 Gbps. Although both speeds are sufficient to run the game in question, the specifications of the 2070 Super are higher.

The standard memory configuration of these GPUs may be surprising. The 2070 Super runs on 8GB GDDR6, which is currently the best buffer. The 1080 ti runs on 11GB GDDR5. Although GDDR5 is obsolete, it is still applicable because GDDR7 has not been released yet. The 1080 Ti also has better frame buffer memory.

1815 clocked MHz VRAM

GDDR6 8GB 10.5 inches length

1632 clock speed




However, Super 2070 is generally better GPU. When you look at your architecture and buffer zone, you will be better prepared for the future. It also has a higher gaming performance benchmark than the 1080 Ti and is more suitable for multitasking.

For older GPU models, 1080 Ti is still impressive. Its architecture is very good, and its overall performance is better than 2070 Super compared to normal and overclocking speeds. However, its buffer memory is a bit outdated, and it is not as forward-looking as the 2070 Super.

Overall, if you're looking for better, future-oriented gameplay, 2070 Super is a better option. However, it is a more expensive GPU. If your shopping budget is limited, 1080 Ti is a better option.

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