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Since the E3 period usually ends, and most game shows and announcements are generally released as part of E3, now is a good time to review how things have played out and consider the impact. There may not be E3 in a year.

Among all the different ways that events in 2020 will change things around the world, with the spread of the COVID19 pandemic, one of the most boring and trivial ways is the reorganization of the gaming tournament world. This is the first time that E3 has not been since 1995 .. Looking ahead, it is even difficult to estimate what will happen in the future. Will you see the game's regular event schedule return to normal in 2021, or will things never be the same again? Join us and remember the year without E3 and what could happen in the future. Some sort of signs of trouble on

E3 can be traced back to before the pandemic finally brought E3 2020 to a halt. In February, we heard that the long-time host, for many people, the face of E3, Geoff Keighley (Geoff Keighley) will not participate in this year's show. He stated that for the first time in 25 years, he would not participate in the show in any way because he was "uncomfortable" with the plan he saw.

We may never know what made him feel so uncomfortable, because the performance never happened. There are some leaked plans, we heard some details, aimed at changing the format of the show to focus more on "influencers" and "celebrities", maybe this is the direction Keighley is not satisfied.

This happened in the background that major players like Sony withdrew completely from E3 in 2019 and 2020, Nintendo reduced their participation and many other publishers turned their attention to direct communication with players without intermediaries or organizing and coordinating the work. more extensively.

Considering all the unpredictability and last minute changes required for events outside of their control, most of the major gaming companies handle it quite well. Sony and Microsoft seem to have made plans. The precise methods that they will adopt when the next generation of game consoles are released are interrupted, but in most cases, they seem to have handled it without a hitch. EA's EA Play Live is a well-received event with some exciting announcements, and a more compact format is preferable to the awkward expanded clips that eventually appear at your regular EA events.

A number of rather impromptu activities have sprung up to make up for the lack of small games hoping to use E3 as a springboard for raising public awareness. IGN Summer Games, Guerrilla Collectives, Future Game Shows, PC Game Shows, Independent Escapism Shows, New Games Plus Expo, BitSummit Gaiden, and other events allow people to get in touch with the next exciting games; otherwise these games may fall under the radar. Some of these activities were originally planned to complement E3, but with the cancellation of E3, their importance has increased.

Ubisoft will continue to host the Ubisoft Forward event this weekend. I think they will have some fun games to show, although the recent exposure of the ongoing scandals surrounding their culture of abuse, harassment, and cover-up may overshadow this incident. When considering playing their games, we need to see some changes within Ubisoft before we can completely forget about these working conditions, although we have to wait to see if this topic is the topic they decided to discuss in the middle of their marketing campaign. of videogames.

The nagging question that underscores all of this is what will be done next year? ESA, the organizer of E3, has set June 15, 2021 as the date for next year's event, but also said it will "reimagine" it. It's unclear what exactly this means, but they have plenty of time to prepare. Will the gaming industry fully support future E3 when they show that they can at least survive without restricting themselves in events with limited control? For publishers who have the ability to engage with large audiences online, what are the benefits of linking their future marketing plans to an event that has been drawn in so many different directions? For companies that have traditionally participated in E3, the best for E3 is not always the best. Today,

E3 feels like a dinosaur. The largest audience is the audience at home, but most of the activities are to promote E3 itself and try to sell tickets. The exact ratio between the number of people experiencing the game live at E3 and the number of people watching only from a distance is definitely under review, because the editor determines the feasibility of participating in E3 in the future. The inflexibility of the

schedule is also a challenge in the need for a format, but it can still cause headaches for the companies attending. If a game or trailer requires more time to prepare for display, or if external factors need to change the planned promotion, no one publisher can change the E3 date. Whether you are ready or not, it is happening. When you are responsible for planned activities and displayed games, you can schedule it accordingly. Publishers such as Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, EA, and Ubisoft. When they set the date themselves, they can better control their information.

So what will happen next year? Maybe after a year off, E3 will come back and become bigger

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