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At Nintendo's E3 Direct demo, we got a glimpse of John and Brenda Romero's latest husband-and-wife duo, a role-based, black-style evil empire developed with the Paradox game.

Empire of Sin is a strategy game based on the roaring Prohibition of Chicago in the 1920s. As one of the 14 thug leaders competing to build an empire, players will have to cheat, exercise and show their charm in the game. ruthless criminal underworld. Unsurprisingly, it's filled with the glitter of fedora tips, brave gangsters, and Tommy guns hacking at customers in a smoke-filled underground bar.

Gameplay is wise. Players can build a series of racket combinations like casinos and underground bars outside of the protection contract, while assembling a group of fast and playful thugs to invade the opponent's territory.

In addition, you need to cultivate relationships with Fluff, in some cases form alliances with other gangs, grow moles, and participate in dirty trades to expand your control of the city. Romero Games explained that the world is full of characters, and each character has their own ambitions, which means they will respond uniquely to the way you play.

also has turn-based battles. When you fight for a new territory and defend your own territory, your mob will fight other gangs. In addition, "Guilty Empire" has powerful RNG elements, various random launch conditions, gang dynamics that need to be managed to ensure everyone is happy and obedient, and multiple ways to become the best dog in Chicago.

Romero Games is expected to release PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch in the spring of 2020. The developer released a movie trailer for "Evil Empire," which sets the tone well by depicting dark and rainy streets, cigar chewing gangsters, and a brief introduction to what appears to be a map function for marking ready businesses. Exploited competition agency. And the opportunity to make money.

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