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Clock speed

1830 MHz Boost Clock



Memory bus width

256 Bit

Excellent build quality

Based on the new Turing architecture

Excellent EVGA cooling

Aesthetic support clock speed is very good

444TX 1770 MHz



Memory bus width

128 bits

Excellent performance at 1080p

Very efficient design


Limited features

The only competitor of AMD and GPU is AMD. Putting AMD aside in this article, we will focus on two entry-level Nvidia products and discuss which is better.

We will take a closer look at 1660 Super and 1660 Ti. We will compare some key specifications such as heat dissipation, size, architecture, and VRAM.

In 1999, Nvidia invented the first GPU, which completely changed the game world. They are market leaders and pave the way for the next generation of games.

As a GPU maker, Nvidia is a huge and trustworthy brand. They set benchmarks for other competitors, like AMD. Its

processors have been used in game consoles, computers, and gaming PCs for many years. Their product is second to none, and when you buy an Nvidia GPU, you know that it will perform well regardless of price. The Nvidia

GPU is highly regarded in the gaming industry for obvious reasons. They remain the favorites of seasoned and professional gamers.

Unlike the CPU that focuses on caching, the GPU ensures that the processor threads are being used. Compared to the CPU, the GPU contains more cores. Both

1660 Super and 1660 ti use the NVIDIA Turing architecture. Turing shaders are significantly improved over 10-series GPUs.

These shaders are still a fairly new concept and are great at providing better details. The GPU thread is used to create the Turing grid. This allows thread mapping to be flexible.

Turing architecture has high efficiency and few operational problems. Make streaming simple and easy. Compared with older GPUs, it contains twice the cache and 1.4 times the energy efficiency. This is a significant improvement. The

shader technology is adaptive, because the GPU contains twice the cache, you will have better game performance.

His Turing technique is impressive. However, due to the slightly higher number of cores, the 1660 Ti will perform better in recently released games. Still, since they all use the same architecture, the difference will be small.

Considering the difficulty of GPU running in gaming PCs, it is important to have an adequate GPU cooling system. The

1660 Super uses the Windforce 2X cooling system with a 90 mm reciprocating rotating fan. Compared with the 1660 Super, the

has a slightly larger cooling device and is equipped with a unique 100 mm blade fan. It also uses a Windforce 2X cooling system with alternating rotating fans.

Both GPUs are designed with overclocking in mind. However, the specification states that the 1660 Super can withstand significant 4 + 2 power phase overclocking. Each GPU can dissipate heat easily. However, if you want to overclock, you have to consider the additional heat generated by this. The size of the

GPU is an important factor to consider. You need to make sure that there is enough free space.

These are the dimensions of the 1660 Super:

The dimensions of the 1660ti are as follows:

The dimensions of the two GPUs are the same. With this in mind, as long as you have a shell that can be installed, there is no universal difference to the gaming PC you choose. The bigger the GPU, the bigger the heat sink must be to make it cool enough.

If you are buying an upgraded version of an existing GPU, it is worth considering whether your existing cooling system is adequate and the size of these GPUs is correct.

You need to make sure that the slot positions of the gaming PC are correct, as they may vary by brand and model.

Both GPUs have 1440p capabilities, which is great if you want to build future-proof.

frames per second (fps) makes these two GPUs unique. Although both can run at 60fps, the 1660 ti can better maintain this at higher texture settings.

In some cases, the fps of 1660 Super is slightly higher. As for the general gameplay, the difference in fps is very small. For example, when using "Final Fantasy XV" to test the game, the 1660 Super runs at 62 fps on the Ultra, while the 1660ti runs at 66 fps. When

measures MRender, 1660 Super is 112 fps, while 1660 Ti is 98.1. The 1660 Super multi-playback speed has been increased 14 times. However, compared to 71.1% of the 1660 Super, the effective 3D speed of the 1660 ti is 76.5% at the time of testing.

Ray tracing is very important when playing detailed games like AAA and MMO. It improves the lighting of the game and makes it more realistic. Bonding with Turing is an important part of the game. Hardware acceleration on the

GPU will enhance your gaming experience. However, the Tensor and RT cores in the GPU are more important than having dedicated hardware to speed up ray tracing.

Unfortunately, both GPUs lack this feature and do not support hardware accelerated ray tracing. However, they used NULL technology to improve the overall gameplay. Compared to Nvidia's RTX series,

is entry-level and understandable. If you are looking for a top-tier GPU, the RTX series is a suitable choice. Even so, these GPUs can still create

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