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E3 may be canceled, but replaced by a series of smaller digital-focused events, showcasing dozens of new and upcoming games. We have seen IGN's summer games, guerilla group livestream, PC game show, and future game show. Although the theme, atmosphere, and presentation style of each show are different, they all bring a selection of interesting game trailers.

If you missed some or all of these live events, you might be missing some more interesting announcements about upcoming games. There will be a lot of exciting gaming news this time of year, but sometimes the game can get caught between bigger announcements.

We've handpicked 15 game trailers that we think are the most worthy of your attention, and we're going to be playing with excitement when the game finally launches. All of these trailers are released at one of the different in-game events over the weekend, but you only need to check out the trailers here for the exciting announcements for the game. All of these games will go into our almighty gray box, and each game has been confirmed for PC, although some games will also go on other platforms.

As shown during the PC Gaming Show, this is a beautiful wilderness survival game that involves surviving in a natural environment, exploring remote forests, building cabins, and being one with nature. It has a beautiful color palette and an attractive visual style. It is now available for early access through the Epic Game Store.

As featured on The Guerrilla Collective broadcast, "Eldest Souls" sounds great. This is a fast-paced pixel boss game with punishing difficulty and precise movements. When you destroy each boss, you will gain a skill based on their attributes. It has an interesting combination of RPG system and action games, and has some very creative enemy designs. It is currently scheduled to be released on Steam later this year, but there is no exact release date yet.

was showcased at the PC Game Show, which is the sequel to Everspace in 2016. This is a vast and expansive space shooter with a vast space for interstellar exploration. You also have deep and powerful ship customization options, as well as close combat in space with dozens of different enemy ships. Compared to the original game, the sequel seems to have improved a lot in terms of polish and graphical fidelity. It will launch preemptively on Steam later this year, with the final version scheduled to release sometime in 2021.

We have seen some glimpses of Ghostunner, but the new trailer shown on IGN's summer game live broadcast made us even more excited. This is a super violent free-running murder simulator from neon light, it looks and plays great. You are a highly lethal and highly mobile assassin, running and jumping in a hostile industrialized future. You died all at once, so you must keep going. You can avoid enemy fire in the air, you can enlarge the enemy and cut them into small pieces, if you are fast enough, you can knock them back before the enemy finds you. We played this demo above and we liked it. We can't wait to release the final version of the game on Steam later this year. One of the highlights of the

PC Gaming Show, Gloomwood is a retro-style first-person shooter with a minimalist, low-poly art style, reminiscent of Thief or Quake, and feels like the 90s. It has many features sneaky, trying to make enemies jump, because you crawl waiting for the opportunity to stab them in the back. It's not entirely focused on stealth, because when you find yourself lost, you have a shotgun and other weapons. It has some immersive simulation elements. You can take a look at the things lurking through the cracks in the door. Different surfaces will produce sounds of different volume of your steps. You can pick up and throw things to distract the enemy. Can. This is an attractive concept with a very good visual style. A free demo is now available on Steam, but there is no specific release date for the full game.

The continuation of the retro low-poly theme is Hotshot Racing, which was featured at the Future Game Show. This is a bright and colorful retro racing game, obviously inspired by arcade racers like Daytona USA and Virtua Racer. Here, when you slide around the curve, you will race down the track, you will overtake the police in the pursuit of the cat and the mouse and you will charge your jetliner to get ahead of the others. It has a very bold use of color and lots of clean lines, as well as solid tracks and cars with no texture. Most racing games now take themselves very seriously, so this is a breath of fresh air. There is no specific release date yet, but it will be available on Steam sometime this summer.

Well, this is a change in rhythm. Lake just announced on the guerrilla group broadcast that this is a very sensible premise. Play as a delivery driver and deliver letters, parcels and parcels to different people in the community of a small lakeside town in Illinois in 1986. This is an open-world driving game with a low-risk and relaxed atmosphere. It's not so much about overcoming particularly demanding challenges, it's about immersing yourself in the game world. You will meet different characters along the way, and there is a branch story to follow, but this is the softest part of life first. Lake will land on Steam before the end of the year.

I am not afraid of any ghosts. If neither are you, you may be able to chase the soul at midnight. This new

Evil souls will lurk in this online game. This is a multiplayer survival and search game where you can control a group of ghost hunters or reverse the situation and play as ghosts. There are a variety of interesting ghost hunting equipment to play with, and there are many different types of items for ghosts to hide and possess. It will land on Steam when it's ready, but there is no release date yet.

Taking clear inspiration from various Souls games from From Software, Mortal Shell is an action role-playing game with punishment difficulty, carefully crafted boss battles, and a depressing tone. Your movements and attacks are slow and deliberate, encouraging you to seize the opportunity rather than rush in undisciplined. We'll have to wait and see if it can match the games that inspired it when Mortal Shell releases later this year and it will be available exclusively on the Epic Game Store.

At the PC Game Show, we saw Per Aspera, which is a game about the transformation of Mars. It will gradually transform the land to support human life by raising the water level, lowering the temperature, and keeping the air breathable. He's been through a lot of research, mining Mars geographic data from NASA, and you'll see him develop a series of interrelated habitable structures as he tries to manage the complex overlapping resource needs of human colonies on the alien world. For those who like to try complex modeling simulations, or dream of leaving the floating rocks we call Earth, this can be a game. Per Aspera will launch on Steam later this year.

During the PC Game Show, we showcased a new trailer for Prodeus, another retro-style first-person shooter. This is a work that combines classic aesthetics with modern visual effects. When you use bullets to solve the mystery of the enemy, the enemy will explode from a source of blood, your laser weapon will produce impressive lighting effects and an explosion command People illuminate the area around them convincingly. The game includes an in-game level navigator for testing player-defined custom levels, which are scored with a suitable metal soundtrack. Prodeus will launch on Steam later this year.

was showcased at the PC Game Show. This is a relaxing game that involves sailing a boat powered by a nominal red sail through the vast and vast desert. There is a peaceful setting to score, and there are large open deserts to explore, dotted with a few civilizations. These atmospheres are reminiscent of nautical elements from games like Wind Waker, and the world design is also reminiscent of "The World of Wind." Pay close attention when it goes live on Steam sometime in the future.

As part of the Guerrilla Collective broadcast, Roki is a side-scrolling adventure film in which you enter an unforgivable frozen desert and encounter many "monsters that shouldn't exist." Roki is inspired by Scandinavian folklore, where places and characters are borrowed from classic fairy tales. Roki is scheduled to launch on Steam on July 23. This

remake has been around for some time, but the PC Game Show is the first time we've seen its real effect. This is a very ambitious game at the time, involving mysterious themes and ritual killings. This remake is particularly noteworthy because it was handled by Nightdive Studios, who did a great job in remake games before the 90s, such as System Shock 2, Doom 64, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, etc. Their re-productions are usually very faithful to the original source material, but use today's more powerful systems to improve visual effects and performance, and fix any errors or other defects in the original version. Shadow Man Remastered will support resolutions up to 4K, restore some originally deleted content from the game, and subtly adjust the AI of some enemies to make it perform slightly better. We are very excited to revisit this horror action game when it launches next year.

I saw some of the first gifs of this on Twitter, and it immediately caught my attention. The full trailer provided as part of IGN Summer Of Games shows that this is going to be a very interesting game. Skate Story uses the classic skate actions from games like Tony Hawk or EA's Skate, but combines them with live psychedelic demos. Instead of skating through empty warehouses and downtown parks, explore a dramatic world of abstract architecture and eerie lights. The skating itself may seem realistic, but the area you are traveling through does not seem to be the case. Maybe it's more about being immersed in this special emotion than a crazy combination, but of course we want to know more. Skate Story doesn't have a release date yet, the developer just said "it's coming soon."

These are our top picks for game trailers that we will showcase at various live game events over the weekend, but if you find any other noteworthy game announcements please let us know in the comments. For different developers and publishers, there has been considerable confusion The cancellation of basically every major head-to-head gaming industry event has forced many industry participants to rethink how to deal with this changing landscape. Digital events like this may become part of the future landscape, but it remains to be seen if they can completely replace the demand for boots at large-scale industry events at some point in the future.

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