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Gamers looking for a CPU in the mid-market can range from entry-level to experienced. There are enough audiences in this market, so there are enough CPUs to choose from, but this also makes it more difficult to find the right CPU.

At WePC, we have gone through all stages of the life of a typical game player, from beginners to the present. This is why we know exactly what the player is looking for and can guide you in the right direction based on these needs.

Intel is excited about the introduction of its 11th generation CPU and the new Rocket architecture that will debut, but so far we have been wondering how they will compare with the 10th generation processors that are theoretically being replaced.

compares the Intel Core i5 10500 to the Intel Core i5 11500 we've known so far. This article will start with factors like cores, threads, clock speed, architecture, and multitasking, and will try to answer this question for you.

Clock Speed

2.7 GHz

Cores / Threads



LGA 1200



CPU Model

Core i5

CPU Speed


4 44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 GHz 4 4 4 4 4 4 GHz 4 4 4 4 GHz 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 GHz 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 GHz 4 4 4 4 4 GHz Cache You are buying a new CPU for your gaming computer, which will be the case of AMD and Intel. However, today we will compare the two mid-range processors from Intel to see what their new version brings in terms of updates and development.

uses the highly anticipated Rocket Lake architecture. This CPU series follows AMD, and we may be about to witness Intel's market takeover in the first quarter, pushing AMD out of its comfortable "top spot" role. So far, rumors about the Intel Core i5 11500 indicate that it is ready to fight.

We expect that Core i5 11500 will have some very significant performance improvements, because Intel has increased its cost so much, and the new chip is ready to be put on the market at a price point more than $100 more than you have to replace that.

Our goal in this article is to help you decide whether the Intel Core i5 10500 CPU is the basket you should put in all Easter eggs, or whether you should wait for their replacement (giving you time to save to pay higher costs) . Expensive), which is worth it.

Anyone who has played or worked on a gaming PC will understand the importance of kernels and threads. This is essentially where the CPU operating system runs, so they should be carefully considered in any discussion about computer processor performance.

All reports indicate that the Intel Core i5 11500 will be on the market, equipped with the same 6-core design as the previous 6-core i5 10500 processor. They also share the same multi-threaded design, with 12 threads per thread, but as you will see, the 11500 will run at a faster speed, comparable to the Comet LakeSbased i5 10400, with a 35% performance increase.

When multiple applications are running at the same time in your gaming session, both CPUs can use their hyper-processing capabilities to optimize your PC performance, and both provide a decent clock speed for enthusiastic gamers.

Since official data and benchmark results have not yet been released, we cannot determine the exact clock speed of the Intel Core i5 11500, but preliminary reports indicate that this new Intel Core i5 computer processor may not be capable of using speeds up to 10500.

When compared to what we know of what the Core i5 10500 can achieve, the expected clock speeds of these new CPUs are not ahead of older chips.

The Intel Core i5 10500 exceeds the recommended minimum base clock speed for gaming. It is considered to be 3 GHz and stably reaches 3.10 GHz to provide a faster speed than the Core i5 10400, which cannot completely exceed the 3 GHz line. 2.90 GHz.

According to the leak, The Core i5 11500 ran into the same dilemma as well, and below 3GHz the base speed is just 2.7GHz, you almost miss the best point of the game. Even its turbo clock speed is slower than that of the i5 10500, which is said to only reach 4.2 GHz.

But please keep in mind that these specifications may change because Intel will continue to fine-tune it before the release of the i5 11500. Also, when it comes to gaming, should you focus mainly on clock speed or should you focus on the architecture of the computer processor? This is what we will study in depth in the next section. The

architecture is indeed a trademark of the CPU, because it represents the level of performance quality you will be able to get from a computer processor. Intel is hardly known for its regular architecture updates or even semi-regular updates, but it is reported that 11500 is about to change this. The debut of the new Rocket Lake

architecture marks the end of a five-year period in which Intel has barely made any architectural progress. It is ready to offer gamers a new CPU series for you to choose from, so that you can find the perfect processor to achieve the exact game result you are looking for.

When we get one of the Core i5 11500 processors and run it to compare the most popular games, we want to see

Design preferred among the first four CPU series.

Both CPUs have Intel's Hyper-Threading feature, which is the clearest sign of the processor's multitasking capabilities. Intel performed well in single-core functions and the performance of the Core i5 10500 and 11500 reached high standards. The updated architecture of the

Intel Core i5 11500 may mean that, of the two, it is equipped with a better processor, can handle heavier workloads, and can handle the needs of dedicated tasks like gaming.

You can stream your favorite Twitch videos or use other streaming services without a problem, but for things like video editing and content creation, it might be better to use a processor that supports multi-threading, which is still the province of AMD. . Follow this space.

Clock speed

Cores / threads at 2.7 GHz



LGA 1200



CPU model


CPU speed

3.1 GHz

Number of processors


Size cache

12 MB

In general, there are many similarities between the Intel Core i5 11500 and i5 10500, but there are also some key differences that make them unique. To reiterate, these are obviously our preliminary findings. Only when the Intel Core i5 11500 is actually released will we be able to determine what this new chip will bring to market.

Due to the more advanced architecture of Rocket Lake, it will be further improved based on Intel Core 10500, but the advantage of Intel Core 10500 is that compared to Intel Core 10500, its Turbo Boost frequency has been increased by 18 % to the long-awaited Intel Core i5 11500. The other enhancements provided by the

Core i5 11500 also mean that you are unlikely to encounter bottlenecks when paired with a powerful graphics card, so you can utilize the full potential of this CPU without it. GPU performance.

It's hard to say if the 11500 launch is worth waiting for and if you will buy it outright because the 10500 is out now. Finally, if you are not sure about the decision, please wait for the 11th generation processor series to come out and study the comments other people have said to help you make your decision.

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