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When it comes to central processing units, Intel and AMD especially know how to make high-quality components. In late

, a new CPU was released. In this article, we will review and evaluate two long-awaited CPUs, Intel Core i711700K and AMD Ryzen 5800X.

We carefully studied the kernel specs, threading, architecture, and multitasking to find out which of the two is better.

In terms of central processing units, AMD and Intel are in a leading position. Although there are many CPU production companies to choose from, the vast majority of gamers will choose one of the two.

Knowing which company is the best can be a difficult choice. In recent years, AMD has taken the gaming world by storm with the release of its latest CPU. They have high specifications and provide impressive playability.

However, Intel is not far behind. The advantage of Intel CPUs is that they are generally more affordable than AMD components. The

CPU is one of the most important aspects of building a PC. Since you are the brain of the PC, you will want to buy the best possible CPU within your budget. Your choice will have an overall impact on your build, because it will limit the types of motherboards and GPUs you use.


3.6 GHz / 4.6 GHz

cores (threads)







4 4 GHz / 4 4 GHz 4 4 4 GHz 4 4 4 GHz 4 4 4 GHz 4 4 4 GHz 4 4 4 GHz 4 4 5 GHz 4 4 4 GHz 4 4 4 GHz 4 4 GHz 4 4 GHz 4 4 4 GHz 4 4 4 4 GHz


CPU cores and threads are both most important things you need to consider important things.

Since they are responsible for delegating tasks and the overall workload of PC components, the CPU must contain a sufficient number. This is especially important when playing games, because you want a single core thread to run the game smoothly and smoothly.

cores and threads are very important to the multitasking capabilities of the PC. The more CPU cores and threads, the better its performance. With this in mind, you always want to choose the best specification that your budget allows. The core of the CPU

is the physical core, responsible for the general operation of the PC. Both CPUs use 8 cores, which is sufficient for gaming. For gaming you need at least 4 cores on average, and the performance of both CPUs is much higher than this.

threads help determine the number of tasks that your CPU can perform simultaneously. Similarly, the number for both processors is 16. This is a large amount, exceeding the minimum amount required for the game. The minimum number of games to run smoothly is 12.

From the benchmark test of the two CPUs, the average score of 11700K is 15% higher than that of 5800X. Although this is not a significant difference, it is worth noting. The single core speed of the 11700K is 185 Pts, while the single core speed of the 5800X is 161 Pts. When overclocking, 11700K is again the better of the two, an increase of 11%.

Although they all have the same number of threads and cores, Intel’s overall performance is better. This is especially important when looking at single-core performance. The basic speed and clock speed of the

CPU are important aspects to consider. Without a good clock speed, your PC version will not be able to run the game successfully. Ideally, you should choose the CPU with the best clock speed. The speed of

is as follows:

The difference between the two CPUs is very small and is unlikely to have a significant impact on the overall playability. When the clock speed of 5800X is slightly better, 11500K still performs better in comparison. The architecture of the

CPU will allow you to measure the overall performance of the CPU. The architecture covers many different aspects, such as the size of the PCIe interface, chipset, and CPU. This will allow you to check which components are compatible with the processor.

11700K uses Intel's latest form of Rocket Lake architecture. It is based on a 14 nanometer process and is well suited for the future. Compared to the previous model, it has more transistors and a faster overall memory speed. The

AMD 5800X runs on the core Zen 3 architecture. This is a new architecture from AMD, but compared to Rocket Lake, it is a bit older. It has a complex unified design and a large amount of L3 cache.

The two are difficult to compare, each has its advantages and disadvantages. However, Rocket Lake seems to have a slight advantage.

Both CPUs have PCIe 4.0 channels, which is the latest specification. In view of this, both parties are ready for the future. It is worth noting to use a newer interface, as this may require you to upgrade an outdated motherboard.

These CPUs use a DDR4 memory and are 65 bits. AMD needs AM4 socket, Intel uses LGA 1200 socket

. The following are their cache specifications:

L2 cache-512MB

L3 cache-16MB

L2 cache-4MB

L3 cache-32MB

However, both have excellent caches Specifications, the L3 cache of 5800X is better.

When it comes to multitasking, your central processing unit must be able to run all the programs you want to use. Whether it's one program at a time or multiple programs, your processor needs to multitask successfully.

Although multitasking is sometimes overlooked, if you want to run streaming channels, music, YouTube or other applications, your CPU should have enough

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