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If you've managed to narrow down your CPU choice to Intel Core processors, congratulations, you've taken the first step in updating your game settings!

But there is still a long way to go, because now you have to decide which Intel Core processor is best for you and your gaming needs.

Comparing the different statistics and specifications of the Intel Core i910850K and i910900K can be a daunting task, especially if you are not well versed in computer technology. The different terminology used by

means that even the most experienced gamer can have a difficult time clearly understanding the differences between the two processors.

Fortunately, we have completed the hardest part and conducted extensive research on the difference between the Intel Core i910850K and 10900K processors.

speed 3.6 GHz

core (thread)

10 cores / 20 thread





speed 3.7 GHz / 5.3 GHz

core (thread)




125 W Impressive single core performance

An excellent CPU for gaming

Provides the smoothest gaming experience regardless of configuration or resolution

New slots require a new motherboard

They are closely related in many aspects, but there are several key characteristics that can distinguish the two.

Read on to learn more about what we've learned. The Intel Core i9

series is the latest series of CPUs developed by Intel and is a great improvement over previous i5 and i7 processors.

Before we begin any further breakdown, we have put together a parallel specs comparison so you can understand the functions that the i910850K and i910900K should provide.

As can be clearly seen from the table above, there are great similarities between the two processors and their specifications are almost the same. The only real difference is a slight increase in the 10900K base clock speed and the TVB clock speed.

If you don't know what these terms or abbreviations mean, don't panic! We will provide clear explanations throughout the article, so by the end of this article, you will have all the knowledge you need to decide which of these two core processors is the best for your current game setup.

To help you learn more about these two Intel Core processors beyond the specifications we've already provided, we dig deeper into the features they should provide and compare their overall performance, price, and availability. Chapter

Let's Go In! Core

is the processing unit that makes up the CPU, which includes the ALU, control unit, and registers. If you plan to run multiple applications at the same time, you will need a processor with high core power. The more cores you have, the more capable your CPU will be to handle multitasking, so you can run more applications.

They may be virtual, but for the CPU, threads are just as important as the core because they can prevent your processor from operating under excessive stress, which can cause overheating or damage.

i910850K and i910900K benefit from the structure with Hyper-Threading technology as the core. Each of them has 10 cores and 20 threads, which is great for gamers because it means you can run multiple applications at the same time.

memory is very important in games, so the available cache size of the CPU is also very important. What we mean is not only that the memory can save the latest progress of the game you are playing, but because the cache size also refers to the storage of the most used data, it can keep up with repeated commands. more efficiently.

In general, this is a useful way to distinguish between two different types of CPUs, which will help you make up your mind, but both the i910850K and i910900K provide 20MB of LP3 cache. This is an improvement over the 16MB or 12MB i710700K that 10600K should provide, which means you can enjoy smoother multitasking and faster performance.

So far, it's the neck and neck, but the next feature is where things start to get more interesting.

In terms of gaming, 3.5GHz is the lowest frequency you should be aiming for. No matter how little it is, your CPU may not work properly or your game may lag.

is also called the clock frequency. The clock speed determines the operating speed of the CPU. It is measured in megahertz (MHz) or gigahertz (GHz), and it has come a long way compared to previous versions of Intel Core CPUs.

At first glance, the clock speeds of the two Intel Core processors may seem very similar, but this is actually the main area where the two processors differ. Although the maximum speed of

is increased by 5.2MHz, the basic clock speed of 10850K is 3.6MHz, and the basic clock speed of 10900K is slightly increased to 3.7MHz. This means there is 100 Hz between them, so 10900K has a faster processing speed.

i910850K and i910900K are unlocked, so you can use overclocking controls to increase the flexibility of performance adjustments. This allows you to override the default maximum clock speed setting, which will help further speed up your computer’s performance, thereby increasing CPU performance.

However, remember that excessive CPU usage can cause difficulties and even damage your game data. Pushing the CPU too far beyond its capacity will also cause response delays and processing will not be able to keep up with quick instructions.

Intel has developed a microprocessor technology called Thermal Velocity Boost (TVB) designed to temporarily improve CPU performance. This is a complement to existing turbocharger technology, all

Standard turbocharged of all cores. Intel

is focused on the future of its new generation of core processors, because the i9 series CPU is equipped with a new LGA 1200 socket. For those who have not yet planned to upgrade the motherboard, this can be frustrating, because if you want the i910850K or i910900K to be compatible with your configuration, it will incur more costs.

However, your future self can thank you for being so visionary, because it means that if more motherboards are eventually replaced with this type of socket, your CPU will now face the future and you will be one step ahead.

In addition to all the other factors to consider, actual CPU performance will play an important role in your decision. Ryzen CPUs may still occupy the hearts of many gamers, but recent Intel Core development makes their CPUs a faster and more efficient option.

Obviously, since the i5 era, Intel has made tremendous progress, and the i9 processors we've seen are equivalent in functionality.

i910850K and i910900K match almost exactly in terms of performance, and both deliver excellent quality, making them a great choice for gamers. Even at 720p, which is designed to optimize for the CPU bottleneck, you will notice that the difference between them is only 0.7, and at higher resolutions it is more difficult to find the difference.

We tested two 1080p CPUs in a series of games to see which one is the best in terms of gaming performance. We have to admit that this is a very close result. However, there are some differences. In terms of speed, the Intel Core i910900K is 100 MHz faster than the i910850K, so it will be a better choice for anyone with stricter gaming requirements.

It is worth noting that although it is generally believed that the higher the number of cores and threads, the better, but most games currently on the market usually only require 4 cores and 8 threads. With this in mind, it is clear that the i910850K and i910900K can perform well even for the most demanding gaming requirements. As we all know, Intel

also includes an integrated graphics card with advanced CPU, i910850K and i910900K both benefit from it.

Anyone who chooses to choose will be impressed by the 350 MHz baseband Intel UHD 360 graphics capabilities, including 4K support. The

game pieces are not cheap. If you want to completely upgrade your PC, there are many components to buy, especially if you build your own PC from scratch. Therefore, it is important to consider your priorities and your CPU budget.

For example, if you think you're going to take advantage of the overclocking or TVBT feature, then you'll want to spend a bit more money on the top cooling fan to avoid overheating, which means you can spend less money on the actual CPU.

Considering that the performance gap between these two processors is so small, you might be surprised by the difference in price. They're not at the extremes of the CPU price range, but there are more than a few bucks, so you may not be able to justify spending extra money on this nearly invisible quality difference. The availability of

10850K is also higher than 10900K. Due to the combination of high demand and low availability, 10900K is more difficult to obtain in the United States.

Please note that the third-party vendor may have overstated the price of 10900K, so you may end up paying a higher price than the actual value for this processor.

speed 3.6GHz

core (wire)

10 core/20 wire




125 watts

speed 3.7 GHz/5.3 GHz

core (wire)


plug-in FCLGA1200


125 W

See what Amazon offers on Intel Core i910850K

See what Amazon offers on Intel Core i910900K

In comparison, i7 and i5 CPUs are much cheaper, but offer fewer cores and speed Slower processing power.

So which option should I choose? Although they are indeed very similar to the eyes of novices, we cannot deny that the Intel Core i910900K is an improved version of the 10850K processor, surpassing the basic clock speed. So if you have the ability to stretch your budget even further, it's technically a better option for gaming.

With that said, the best decision between the Intel Core i910850K and i910900K ultimately depends on what you want from the new processor.

Is your PC device dedicated to games or will it benefit from additional functions in other areas of the PC? Do you want to spend less on CPU to go crazy buying additional components for PC equipment?

If so, the i910850K is still an impressive high-end CPU, almost no different from the 10900K, but it is a cheaper option.

"World's Fastest Gaming CPU" is the marketing blurb behind the i910900K launch, but after our research and testing, we believe this and the i910850K are worthy of this award. Although

still has room for improvement, these two processors are good options for any gamer looking to upgrade.

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