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Both 1080p and 1440p are considered high definition TV and computer screen resolutions. 1080p is generally called 2K or FHD (Full HD), while 1440p is called QHD (Quadruple High Definition) or WQHD (Wide Quad HD) because it provides image quality that is four times HD than 720p (the most basic). category.

The second thing to know is that screen resolution is generally abbreviated. Although it looks like a number, it is actually represented by two numbers divided by an "X". Take 1080p as an example. The full size is actually 1920 x 1080p. The first number tells you how many horizontal pixels there are, and the second number is the number of vertical pixels. The main difference of

is that 1440p has more pixels than 1080p, so it provides more impressive image quality. Let us now discuss some of the similarities and differences between these resolutions.

Although the resolution describes how many pixels there are on the screen, the aspect ratio is the expression of the physical size of the screen, the ratio of the display width to the height. The numbers in the aspect ratio have no units because they describe the dimensions compared to each other, which means that no matter what unit you measure them in, the ratio remains the same. The standard aspect ratio of

1080p and 1440p is 16:9, which is a widescreen ratio that not only provides the best screen layout for games, but also provides the best screen layout for other activities (such as work and video conferencing). It is also particularly good at limiting image distortion.

pixels are 78% more than 1080p, 1440p will always provide you with clearer and sharper images. The lines will be clearer and the overall picture, if I compare side by side, it will be clearer and less blurry than 1080p. The refresh rate of the

monitor describes the rate at which it redraws the image on the screen and produces motion effects every second. Think of it as a flip book. The slower you turn the page, the less smooth the resulting movement will appear. The same goes for computer screens. A low refresh rate will show intermittent movement and a lot of screen flickering, which can be incredibly tiring; if you like long gaming sessions, that's not good.

Generally speaking, the higher the monitor resolution, the slower the refresh rate, so updating to 1440p is a two-step forward, one step back for video performance. In other words, there are many 1440p monitors with a refresh rate of more than 150Hz, and you only need 120Hz to play smoothly without motion blur. The

frame rate is the result of the joint efforts of the GPU and CPU, but its resolution makes it easy. Similar to the monitor refresh rate, the lower the resolution, the more frames the monitor can display per second. The higher the resolution, the more pixels that need to be manipulated, and the more pixels, the greater the workload of the GPU, so no matter what frame rate your system reaches under 1080p, it will be cut by nearly half. When you increase the setting to 1440p. .

Many professional gamers prefer 1080p monitors because to them, the frame rate is more important than the extra clarity provided by 1440p. In situations that require extremely fast subconscious reactions, clearer lines won't fully help them, and ultra-fast displays will actually provide a better chance of winning. Another reason why professional gamers use 1080p is that it is the preferred resolution in tournaments, so practicing anything else will hamper your chances on match day. The ideal screen size for

1080p is 27 inches. Anything greater than this, you may start to notice a decrease in image quality. 1440p monitors dominate between 28 and 32 inches, because at 32 inches they exhibit the same sharpness that is experienced on a 24-inch 1080p monitor. Over 32 inches at any resolution is not suitable for close-to-screen gaming, because you won't be able to see the entire screen at once.

These resolutions are also suitable for viewing from different distances. For the best visual quality and minimal eyestrain, there should be a distance of 3.2 feet between your face and the 1080p screen. For 1440p, the distance is minimized to 2.6 feet, so depending on how you like the game and the size of the settings, one may be more appropriate than the other. For some reasons,

1080p is still the most widely used gaming resolution, but 1440p is slow, but there will certainly be more proliferation, which is not surprising. With higher pixel density, 1440p provides significantly improved image quality, and the fact that it can reach 32" will always be attractive. For professionals who use a lot of animation or video/photo editing software, higher The resolution is definitely the first choice. However, unfortunately, for gaming applications, this is not a simple discussion...

Generally, when it comes to gaming technology, the word "performance" is qualitative Synonymous, but the important thing to understand when comparing 1080p and 1440p is the separation of these two terms. There is no doubt that quality belongs to 1440p. More pixels means perfect lines and colors are so vivid that the real world looks Relative grayscale. On the other hand, performance is still mainly 1080p equipment. Lightning refresh rate and frame rate allow competitive game players to perform at the highest level.

But as we move into the future, GPUs are getting better and better at handling the heavy workload brought by 1440p, and there is no doubt that 1080p will begin to be eliminated. This means that while it may be great to have a high-end 1080p monitor now, they are not particularly suitable for the future.

depends on your current hardware. Powerful CPU combination

Monitoring or configuration, for example, if the GPU can press more frames than the monitor's update frequency, are wasted for the wasted frameworks.

The selection of resolution games is also determined by the type of game you play and the player of the type you are. If you are a competitive player, it must be absolutely attached to 1080p, as long as there is any change of behavior of the tournament towards 1440p. However, if you are a hobby, you like to kick, relax and play a weekend game, relax and play a slow player, it is strongly recommended to discover the 1440p resolution games, since the images are wonderful. You are noticed by the increase in performance, and all of you are configured for future hardware and games releases.

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