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Ahead of its 2020 release, we've been hearing some news about AMD's upcoming series of graphics cards. Although at first it was just a rumor, AMD has now confirmed that they are developing the RDNA 2X and RDNA 3X architectures, and everything is starting to connect.

AMD appears to announce its Big Navi GPU later this year, although the date has yet to be determined. There are rumors that AMD and Nvidia will release their next-gen GPUs around September, which is very consistent with Computex 2020, which will be postponed to that month. recently published an article showing some future variants that can be considered part of the Big Navi line. These units are mainly detailed in Navi21, which will be the largest of the three RDNA 2 GPU-based arrays planned by AMD.

user Rogame introduced the main discussion points of Navi21 in detail as follows, up to 80 computing units/5120 GPU cores, the matrix size is about 505mm², and the performance per watt is 50. This has not been confirmed by AMD, but on the surface, AMD seems to have any special plans. The list of

GPU variants is as follows:

Interestingly, there are no mobile variants in this list, and the fact that Apple will use four variants, this is not a huge surprise. However, with so many variants on this list, it seems AMD really wants to make the most of this chip. Chapter

What Do You Think Of These Variants? Do you think these cards can stand the test of Nvidia's next-gen products? Let us know in the comment section.

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