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Best cpu cooler for i9 9900k

The eight-core i9 9900K may now push three, but it is still considered one of the best gaming CPUs on the market. With incredible single-core performance and support for 16 threads for smooth multitasking, it's a powerful processor that can challenge most other major CPUs for gaming advantages. The

is also known for the required 5 GHz superfrequency, but this potential for improvement comes at a price. When pressed, the i9 9900K will produce some very high temperatures. If you want to maximize performance and service life, you must eliminate these temperatures.

That is why we provided you with this comprehensive guide on the best CPU cooler for the i9 9900K. Whether you're on a budget, looking for liquid, want RGB, or just need to add some cool basics, you've come to the right place.

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It's not just that we think that Noctua NHD15 is the best cooling solution for i9 9900K. This is the general consensus of the entire gaming community and the Internet. This is just a fact. Although these dual 140mm PWM fans throw a storm in your situation, they will never exceed 24 dBA. The

is equipped with an award-winning radiator and six copper heat pipes for maximum heat distribution and heat dissipation, taking your i9 9900K to the next level.


from Amazon If your case can accommodate a three-fan radiator, you will definitely want to see this Corsair liquid system. Three 120mm fans can be controlled by PWM, allowing you to fine-tune their performance to suit your gaming habits. The

is equipped with 33 incredibly vivid LEDs, if you have one, they will also meet the RGB needs, immediately remove your box from the gray bricks on the alien space cruiser.


on Amazon If you are looking for the quietest CPU cooling solution on the market and the cost is high, let us introduce you to Kraken. This NZXT cooler is an AIO gadget, equipped with three crazy 360 mm large fans, capable of moving air at a speed of 98.17 CFM at a maximum speed of 2100 RPM, and barely exceed the 20dBA threshold.

Although the fan is black like the depths where Kraken lives, the pump has a 2.36-inch 24-bit color screen, and you can customize the display of custom images, gif or CAM data. It looks great and works perfectly... the only thing that is hard to love is the price tag.


from Amazon If you are disappointed with air cooling, but some aspects of Noctua are not suitable, then Dark Rock Pro is the best choice. Its sound is about 0.3dBA higher, but this is almost negligible to our ears, which means its price is much cheaper, yes! Although

is not as well-known as our first choice, Silent Wings fans have almost the same cooling capacity due to their fluid dynamic bearings and clever blade design.

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Master Hyper 212 cooler does not match i9 9900K. It's a bit like fitting an Aston Martin with discounted tires, but that's about it ... it's actually the perfect budget option to master the fiery nature of the 9900K.

using 212 to hit 5 GHz requires too much, but for general use and some mild OC magic, this is exactly what the doctor requires.

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At WePC, we like to push hardware to the limit. We're like pesky gym watchers: we pay the membership fee but never sponsor. Not only do we want more frames and higher overclocking ... we need them, but before we can unleash our internal Mickey Goldmill (Rocky's trainer, for beginners) on our CPU, we have to make sure they are taken care of in the media department. hot.

Due to our desire for excellent performance, we have tested hundreds of different refrigerators, and the i9 9900K is our favorite. We are very familiar with the best pairing to push you to the limit and hit the legendary 5GHz OC.

The stuff we prepare for you today or the essence of crop cooling including air and AIO. They will give you enough room to adjust your path and reach maximum CPU patterns.

The main decision you have to make is whether you want to use air and fans to cool the CPU, or whether you prefer to use liquid circulation. AIO

liquid cooling is more efficient and quieter than fan cooling, making it the preferred cooling solution for serious overclockers who like to play games and games. The only problem is that liquid cooling can be expensive.

fan cooling systems are not efficient, but they are often much cheaper, and if well designed they can still keep the CPU cool and cool.

These terms refer to the function of the fan. PWM stands for pulse width modulation. You can change the RPM of these fans to suit your needs and keep the operating volume low. DC fans are a variant of PWM and rarely slow down below 40% of their maximum RPM. Molex fans do not allow any customization. With Molex, anything is possible. You install them and they sit still or they run at full capacity. These are the loudest, but also the most affordable.

support is not just an issue when trying to pair the motherboard with the CPU, it is also any issue you want to connect to the motherboard. For your cooling solution to work, you need the correct plug.

Many refrigerators have universal accessories suitable for most modern motherboards, but some are special devices designed for a plug. To avoid the damage caused by purchasing an incompatible CPU cooler,

To the wall of the case. Other designs, like the

dual tower fan, are very efficient but bulky. Before buying, you need to accurately measure the free space in the box.

You only have to worry about the volume of the fan cooling system, because the liquid circuit works very quietly. Generally speaking, if you have a lot of fans running at high RPM, your CPU will feel good, but your case will sound like a jet engine.

You can avoid this noisy fate by choosing a larger fan designed for quiet operation. Some may even use auto-stop fan technology to make sure they turn off when they are no longer needed.

Many gamers use headphones, so noise is not a big factor, but if you prefer to use standard audio playback, you should definitely consider the operating volume of the fan.

RGB stands for red, green and blue. They are a type of LED lighting that can emit millions of different shades by combining different levels of these three primary colors. Like Marmite in the world of PC games, people seem to love or despise them. At WePC, we subscribe to the first. The

RGB fan allows you to customize the case and give it personality. By syncing your RGB peripherals, you can create fascinating lighting sequences to make your game more intense and engaging.

product size length, width and height

5.31 X 5.91 X 6.5 inch



cooling method


compatible devices


noise level

,424 decibels

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product size length width height

15.63 X 4.71 X4 .71 inch


pirate ship

cooling method


noise level

36 decibels

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cooling method


compatible devices


noise level



4.84 lbs.

Package Size

18.43 x 7.09 x 5.91 Inches


Product Size LxWxH

5.35 x 5.74 x 64.09 Inches



Power connector type

4-pin PWM



Cooling method


Compatible device


Amazon type


Maximum RPM

4 4 4 4 seconds 4 4 seconds 4 hours Maximum 4 seconds 4 seconds

Maximum revolutions in 4 seconds) 77 x (D) 158.5 mm

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Product size LxWxH

5.31 x 5.91 x 6.5 inches



Cooling method


4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 compatible units 4 4 units 4 4 units 4 units 4 units 4 units 4 units 4 units compatible 4 units 4 units S 4 4 units 4 units S 4 4 compatible devices are even quieter than some AIO systems.

Ultimate Cooling: Dual fans and heavy-duty radiators dissipate heat extremely effectively.

Single fan mode: SFM provides 64 mm gap for RAM.


Price: Air cooling is expensive (but still cheaper than liquid)

Installation: Weight makes installation difficult.

Noctua NHD15 is an impressive air heating solution that provides level cooling. With two 140mm PWM fans, each with 7 wide blades, you can fine-tune their performance to fully meet your needs. Noctua combines these two wind warriors with their award-winning radiators to ensure that the working volume rarely exceeds 24 dBA. This is actually a whisper, nothing can distract you from winning. The beauty of

is that you will not sacrifice your strength for such a quiet performance. No matter how risky you are during overclocking, this fan is powerful enough that even the most volcanic CPU can run as cool as a river.

The problem with these large twin-tower coolers is that they block the RAM expansion slot, but due to the low-profile fin architecture, you have 64 mm of margin to play in single fan mode. Even if both fans whiz past, your motherboard can still hold a 32mm bar. The

can be a bit fiddly to install, but at a fraction of the cost of the AIO system, which provides unmatched air cooling, the invisible Noctua NHD15 is the best in the industry.

Product size LxWxH

15.63 x 4.71 x 4.71 inches



Cooling method


Noise level

36 dB

Amazon store should rarely break

PRO system with BA

RGB - Bright and powerful, these RGBs will inject new vitality into your case.

Pump Design - Bypass copper cold plate and a large number of micro-cut fins allow you to maximize CPU.


Price - You may need to liquidate your assets in order to pay for this liquid asset.

Installation - Fan may be difficult to screw into place. The

Corsair H150i cooling solution is a perfect match for the high-end i9 9900K version. With three 120mm PWM fans, you can adjust the output between 400 and 2400 RPM via iCUE, ensuring you rarely hear them at a maximum volume of 36dBA. When their services are not needed, they will stop automatically, which is a very Zen gaming experience.

They're also packed with RGB, 33 to be precise, and they're very bright too. Even in a sunny room, they do explode, which is a rare achievement.

If you disassemble the pump, you will find that the so-called split copper cold plate can dissipate the heat in the liquid as efficiently as possible. Delving into the design, you will find a pile of high-density miniature heat sinks that can remove any residual heat lost on the board. The

fan is not the easiest thing to screw into the radiator, because the drilling does not have a good thread, but in terms of performance, this is the best liquid cooling solution for the i9 9900K.



Cooling method


Compatible device


Noise level

21 dB

Product weight

4.84 pounds

Packing size 44944 x 17 inches x 17 inches



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Prosive Volume Operation: The largest volume does not exceed 24.3 DBA, even at 100% load.

Price Price: Performance ratio, this cooler creates a very attractive perspective.

Ramoptimized fin fins are concave to make a room to get more RAM.

overclocking-surprised by your CPU to hit 90 ° C with this cooler.

Settlement, even in the fin cut, fit perfectly in a high RAM such as Corsair Vengeance and Trident Gskill next to that. This is another cooling solution of the dual tower that is almost incredibly incredible for people who want to maintain the liquid transparency. A calm wing fan is constructed in a fluid dynamic bearing, never violates 24.3 DBA. If you have a healthy wet reinforced glass panel cover, you won so you can listen to if they are working.

Unfortunately, all the settlement for high ram sticks with large heat spreaders has nothing to do, but if you shake a shorter stick, they are not all the problems. Air flow optimization fins are characterized by notches to reduce dark lock traces.

i9 9900K is a bit of struggle to push with a concentrated overclock, but close to zone C to 90 ° C, the slot has not started until I9 9900k reaches 100 ° C. Specifications and fines to maintain pressure .

We explained this as an intermediate cooler that has been highly obtained. It is not as efficient as a big money option, but you can keep i9 9900K under the control that is the name of the game here.




2,000 RPM

Max Noise

26 DBA


(H) 120 X (W) 77 x (d) 158.5 mm

Heatflower, large fin matrix and four copper heat There are many of heat that the pipe dissipates.

Price: Most of the best budget options.

Volumes-26 DBA are still superchettes for this colder price.

overclocking-will not take care of Tinkering.

Master Hyper 212 cooler may have only one single fan, but a large heat sink with four direct content copper heat tubes guarantee that it causes a lot of heat, and your CPU gives you the opportunity to spread the silicone wings. Another advantage of cayer to fans is that it has more space for high RAM.

is a 4-pin PWM fan, so you can adjust the RPM for subtle performance, but it is 42 cfm with a 26DBA of the execution. It is nice and quiet, but it is not enough to handle extreme overclocks.

212 is a slightly revised option to reveal the price tag for wallet for the wallet, but if you have a small pocket lighting after discovering by I9 9900K, this is time for the best budget option to embrace.

In our humble opinion, NHD15 is the best aircraft for work, as well as the best refrigeration, but only take our words. Only an easy Google search is required to see how this fan was revolutionary. It is quite literally gamechanger. If you want to listen to you, if you are an expressed voice of your Vania enemy when you are in your game, Kurake is a bit expensive, but very calm, is for the LCD screen if you stopped, forgot it. He was there. Obtain the corsa elite for those looking for liquids at lower prices. There are no questions about it. It is silent and incredibly effective, and sweet RGB teeth are maximum.

We say that Dark Rock is a minimum requirement to press I9 9900K, but you can enjoy its set of CPU actions and enjoy it, you are different from our friendly budget with Hyper 212 that you can.

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