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Best controller for pc

Although most people will undoubtedly use a keyboard and mouse to play games on a PC, there are always some games that perform better when using a controller. If you have not yet selected a driver for your PC and want to know which is the best option, you are in luck.

Today, we will look at the five best PC drivers you can buy today. Each has a different layout, button layout, and even some additional features. It can be difficult to read the entire marketing campaign when looking for a new driver, which is why we chose to create this handy guide.

If you are looking for a new controller that can be used in a gaming PC, this guide will be your ideal choice to start with. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the best driver options currently available.

Today we take several known options, as well as some options for different types of players. One of the important options in deciding which controller is best for you is if you are more used to the standard Xbox or PlayStation joystick layout; we've made sure to add options for both.

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Currently, you can choose one of the most professional and easy to customize controllers.

Although the price tag for this controller is big enough, once you start using and customizing this controller to suit your needs, you can easily see where your money is being spent.

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Although its build quality and software are a bit disappointing, it is still an excellent controller with a good level of customization. The asymmetric rocker design and mode switch buttons make it one of the most practical sensory controllers on the list. If you find that it is a bit too light, you can even change the weight of the controller.

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This controller appears to survive a nuclear explosion. You don't have to worry about falling or hitting this controller. In addition to the boxy and sturdy appearance of the

, the Razer Raiju Ultimate is an excellent small controller with an excellent hand feel and some great features, such as a dedicated setting bar.


from Amazon, a classic controller that will make you feel at home.

If you don't want to waver and just want an excellent plug-and-play controller, DualShock 4 is sturdy, reliable, and will not go bankrupt.

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Although the cost of customization may start to increase rapidly, the number of changes you can make to this controller ensures that it feels unique and looks great in the next few years. The

Scuf Series Controller is perfect for those who want a custom kit. Not only are they eye-catching though, these great features give you an edge when playing the game and make you wonder why not upgrade sooner.

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No matter what type of product you are looking for, we know it can be difficult to find the perfect option for you.

typically requires hours of researching and viewing reviews, and even then deciding where you want to spend your money is still a daunting task. We do this so you don't have to waste time learning more about each product we recommend, and if possible, you can even try them yourself.

If you are not very tech savvy and want to avoid buying the wrong things, look no further. Whether this controller is a gift to yourself or a loved one, reading this guide will help you make the right choice.

We will examine the best options and examine them one by one. We make sure to choose a wide variety of options suitable for different players and different budgets.

To help us choose a list of products to recommend to users, we must conduct extensive research and testing in advance. We shouldn't recommend any old product just for that.

We have considered many things to ensure that these products can achieve the title of "best" in your region. When it comes to the controller, some of the factors we considered include controller cost, build quality, style, and any standout features of the game.

This allows us to be confident that these guides are accurate and informative. In turn, this allows you to decide which purchase is right for you so that you can go out in a way that is great value for money.

For most of us, we don't have bottomless wallets that we can use to buy. Therefore, this makes careful consideration especially important when setting a budget for the controller.

It is best to list the basic functions you want the controller to have and start shopping from there. So anything extra will be a nice reward, and you can weigh whether the addition of a custom dashboard is worth the extra money.

Although you can buy some of these controllers at the standard price of $ 4050, you can pay more if you start entering the world of dedicated controllers with additional buttons and beautiful designs.

If you want a controller with a few extra features, like customizable paddles or a unique layout, you'll get a $ 120,180 privilege. Chapter

Another Important Thing

Very tech savvy, this may be what you want to know.

Although these features are the main selling points of these controllers, you must decide if you need an additional layer of settings before playing the game for the first time.

Each of these drivers will give you a very different feel. Before buying, you need to consider which controller is best for you. If you are used to playing Xbox games, you may want a game with a joystick-like design; If you are used to playing games on PlayStation, the same is true.

Some of these controllers will have different shapes, weights, and even additional buttons. If you know that you will be playing games for a long time, you need to consider the weight and difficulty of holding these controllers.

You can also find controllers with different designs and enclosures. Although these will not add anything to the process of using the controller, they will definitely make them stand out!

Although some of these controllers feel like 1:1 replacements for the controllers you are accustomed to using on the console, some of these options will have additional programmable buttons, triggers, and paddles that you can customize. If you mainly play games on the PC, you need to consider this seriously, as you may need to assign additional buttons.

You also need to make sure that the software that comes with these drivers is easy to use and can achieve the functions you want. If you want to completely redistribute the buttons and triggers on the controller for multiple different games you own, it's worth checking if disappointment can be avoided.

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Great customization options

Support Bluetooth and USBC


Quite expensive


may be our favorite PC in our game list Controller. The Xbox Elite wireless controller provides almost unlimited levels of customization, allowing you to change bindings, Dpads and even paddles on the fly. If you don't like this style, you can also adjust the tension of the joystick and change them.

This is also a very good controller, considering its price, I expect it. The retail price is about US$180, and you would expect this controller to last for more years. However, we do not believe that there is a danger that this will not happen. To ensure your safety, you will receive a suitcase, which is very suitable if you carry this controller with you during the journey. It also contains a set of four paddles, two Dpads and six thumbsticks, and a tool for capturing them. The shell can also be used as a charging stand with its own USBC cable. The

's sturdy black and gray design may not be as flashy as some of the other controllers on the list, but we like its simplicity, especially when paired with the "multi-sided Dpad".

If required, the controller can be used wirelessly and wiredly. The battery lasts for about 40 hours, and you will not find yourself reaching for the charger often.

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Fashion design

Great trigger feel


Buttons don’t feel right

Complicated software

Compared with other controllers on this list, Nacon Revolution Pro has a more "boomerang" appearance, and a The symmetrical joystick will make all Xbox users feel at home with the design; this even extends to the layout on the Dpad, which is a unit instead of four different buttons.

There are some additional buttons on this controller that you can use during game time. The four additional buttons on the back of the controller are slightly different from some of the other controllers on this list, so it's worth seeing if you can try one of these controllers before purchasing to see if it works for you.

If you plan to use this controller on PS4 and PC, there is a convenient small mode toggle button on the back of the controller that allows you to switch between PC or PS4 modes. In PC mode, you'll be able to customize things like trigger and joystick sensitivity.

The software required for this driver is not the best. It may take a while to learn how to use it. There are preset profiles available, but if you want to start patching, you need to understand some of the intricacies of the software first.

Although this is not the most expensive controller on our current list, its price is still high. Although you will still pay a premium for this controller, its build quality and some buttons feel inferior to other controllers at this price point.

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Durable design

Color lighting


Dpad is not the best


Although this may not seem to be the most comfortable controller you can hold, it seems to be the most durable. The weight is 352 grams, which may cause more damage to the floor you drop than the controller itself. The blocky design may alienate many gamers from this controller, but it seems that Razer has tried to slightly improve the design with integrated Chroma lighting.

For the gaming market, the Razer Raiju has a traditional DualShock style joystick and a paddle set on the back. You will be able to

The bottom row of the controller has also been redesigned a bit to make it a great feature, and you will find yourself using more than you think.

You can use the Profile button to change your keyboard mapping in real time, a button to control Chroma lighting, and even a lock button to disable most inputs to prevent you from pressing the wrong thing on a hot night. action.

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series design

is very suitable for people on a budget


standard design, no need to customize

If you just want a simple and emotionless game solution through the controller on your PC, DualShock 4 must be one of them One of the most familiar drivers is there. As the latest version of the classic series of DualShock controllers, every gamer in the world will have one of them at some point.

Unfortunately, when it comes to this controller, you won't have a lot of customization. If you want to add interest to the theme or even the feel of the thumbstick, the best you can do is some kind of aftermarket product. But this is not to say that there is a problem with the basic controller, DualShock 4 is very suitable for maintaining and responding as usual during the game. The

's ergonomic design means you can hold this controller for hours, and the buttons, triggers and levers are of very good quality. If you buy this controller as a gift to someone, please note that sometimes there may be compatibility issues when connecting to a PC for the first time, which may require some patching to fix.


from Amazon Advantages

Multiple designs

Four removable paddles


May be a bit overkill for some users

Customization may be expensive

If you are looking for something different, Scuf has a range of color controllers , Looks great in any gaming environment. You can change the color, thumbstick, and even the texture of the handle, so we believe you will find one that suits you. In terms of gaming experience,

adds a detachable paddle on the back, which corresponds to the action buttons on the front. These allow gamers to place their thumbs on the joystick so they can use the back paddles for advanced or fast-paced games. This would be great in a first person shooter or MMO game. The

Scuf controller also has an interesting trigger control system that allows you to use a quick-change trigger stop to reduce unnecessary trigger movement, perfect for games where shooting accuracy is critical. You can adjust the trigger to reduce delay so that you can activate the weapon with a single click, and you can even expand the size of the trigger to make it easier to press quickly. The

Digital Trigger reduces reaction time by generating instant clicks (just like mouse clicks), making it the ultimate controller for those who like shooting games.

This rounds out our list of the best PC drivers out there today. If you are looking for a new controller and take some of the pressure off of having to compare, we hope this guide can help you make up your mind.

We know our users are busy people, so we made sure to include this short overview section, which will help you understand the benefits of each controller. If you want to know more about any of them, just scroll up to the relevant comment.

While we certainly don't cover every driver, why don't you let us know which one you think is the best? Just leave a comment below or go to our community center to chat with like-minded gamers.

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