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Best budget gaming chair

When it comes to WePC, there are two types of hardcore gamers, one is that they want to buy expensive gaming chairs and the other is that they cannot put the best part of $ 500 on luxury seats. Fortunately, there are some cheaper options on the market, and while they may not meet the quality product standards provided by companies like Secretlab, let's see if they can still do the job for you.

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The Respawn 110 gaming chair not only looks great, it also offers the most comfort and adjustment options.

This is a comfortable chair and one of the cheapest gaming chairs on the market. PU leather is easy to clean and durable. The padded armrests make this racing style chair unique.

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high-back gaming chair is the best budget choice for gamers with the largest frame. It comes with

excellent design, fit and support options. The

is designed for adults and can hold 330 pounds! The bucket seat surrounds your torso and really makes you feel supported. A great gaming chair at an affordable price.


Ace Bayou’s X Rocker on Amazon is an affordable joystick that allows you to fully immerse yourself in your games, movies, music, and TV. This leather recliner rocks back and forth and is very comfortable.

Rockers is a classic console gaming chair, and this model is no exception. As well as being very affordable, this chair can also fully immerse you in whatever game you play, and the swing feature is highly addictive.

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We have this racing style saddle from AKRacing, which is at the higher end of the budget range, and is perfect if you want to spend a little more money to enjoy comfort.

If you are a dirty puppy this cloth seat may not be perfect, but if you live in a hot area (ie not the UK) it is breathable and ideal.

headrest and lumbar support are also standard.

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It is important to realize that the furniture you buy can last for many years, and more importantly, when you sit in front of your computer, it will provide you with a certain degree of comfort. You may not have had it before. Therefore, please consider the following before clicking "Buy".

Price The cost of

gaming chairs may vary greatly. All well-known companies charge higher fees for their products, but this is for a reason. Usually the quality of the materials used is much higher, so cheap manufacturers can slash prices. This adjustment also reduces comfort. Excluding the additional support cushions, the quality of the foam used in the seat and back parts will not be as high and you may lose shape faster than you want. The seat itself may not tilt or even feel less solid.

What we're saying is that we certainly don't always recommend that you buy higher priced items, but when it comes to gaming chairs, you generally get value for money. It all depends on how happy you are to commit.


In recent years, the massive gamification of gaming chairs has certainly changed. No longer are we just different bright green chairs with an orange streak to them, but now you can get high-quality gaming chairs that won't look out of place in any corner of your home. You must decide whether you want a larger upholstered "boss" office chair or stick with the racing style that has been so popular in recent years. It is also worth considering that you can renew your chair before the end of its useful life, so bright yellow racing chairs may not be suitable in the future.

Compared to traditional office chairs or computer chairs, the weight limit of most gaming chairs is not a problem. This is because these chairs already rest on the ground, so they are unlikely to collapse if they have a sturdy frame.

The only real exceptions to these rules are Intex inflatable chairs and X rocker bottom seats. The weight limit for an inflatable chair is much stricter, as if you turn it over there is a risk that it will explode, while that the base of the other chair may deform if you press it too hard for too long. However, except for those chairs, you may be fine if you weigh over 350 pounds and use these chairs on the floor. They should also be quite comfortable, but if you are particularly wide, you can also check their size. Function

is another great thing, but the main function here is audio.

For whatever reason, most people want gaming chairs to have built-in speakers for an immersive gaming audio experience. If you're interested in this and don't mind a few extra setup steps, you should probably opt in.

If you're not interested, don't waste your money. Instead, focus on buying comfortable chairs.

chair type

race car

maximum load

lbs 275

dimensions 28.5 "× 26.8" × 51.5 "

seat height

17.7" 20.9 "

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chair type

race car

maximum load

150 kg

gross weight

3.5 kg

Sitting height

350mm-571mm 06 inch


Durable and easy to clean, this cheap gaming chair looks professional at an affordable price. The

RESPAWN 110 is very comfortable and, as mentioned above, the padded armrests are very good. Additionally, the seat and backrest use segmented padding to support the contours of your body. It can tilt up to 155 degrees, with unlimited angle lock and tilt tension adjustment. Naturally, the chair can rotate and it has a retractable footrest under the chair.

Speaking of cheap gaming chairs, RESPAWN 110 is a good choice. In addition to being durable, this chair also comes with a pillow for head and waist support, not to mention that it can support up to 275 pounds.

Chair type


Maximum load

150 kg

Gross weight

23.5 kg

Sitting height

350 mm-571 mm



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is too big for small people

KCREAM high back computer chair is the best budget choice for gamers with large frames. This chair is equipped with many functions and provides excellent support for the price.

This black KCREAM chair is only one of the five colors available in the game, but this model is characterized by a beautiful cushion pattern sewn in the center of the chair. Like the similarly priced RESPAWN 110, the armrests of this chair have plenty of padding, excellent adjustment options, and are completely covered with easy-to-clean PU leather.

This is a very comfortable chair, even for larger players (up to 330 pounds). The padded bucket seat surrounds your torso and provides excellent support. The included headrest and lumbar support are very comfortable for people of many different sizes, and we even saw telescopic footrests. In addition to the 360-degree rotation, the backrest can roll back up to 180 degrees, which is great if you like to take a nap. The

has a 4-stage gas lift and a thickened steel frame, which means it will support a long time. This chair is high-end, but for so many functions, it is certainly worth considering.

Chair type

Rocking chair

Maximum load

125 kg

Gross weight

20 kg

Sitting height


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4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 45 Xbox

compatibility Although console gamers can easily take advantage of all the cheap gaming chairs on this list, we think it is necessary Includes chairs specifically designed for console games. X Rockers is well known in the Xbox and Playstation fields, and provides great comfort with built-in speakers and controls, making it a very attractive choice for more than just games.

This leather recliner is balanced on its frame, perfect for playing games, watching TV, reading or even just relaxing. The plush fur and attractive shape are very comfortable, very suitable for long games or movies. The headrest extends from the backrest to give you built-in neck support, and the ergonomic shape makes it suitable for many different body types.

It may be quite simple in design, but I think the understated look is always smart when using leather. This chair offers a great immersive alternative to TV audio playback. There are two speakers in the headrest and a 4-inch subwoofer hits your back. Although they say it is compatible with most game consoles, you may need to purchase an HDMI audio ripper from Amazon or elsewhere to use it with your Xbox. However, it is suitable for PS5 and older game consoles, and the price is so low that it is a small compromise.




25.59 x 23.62 x 59.06 inches

Max Load

150 kg




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budget there. In fact, this series of AKRacing Core products is gradually moving towards the mid-price range, but we hope to provide you with options on WePC. If you have a little extra cash in your pocket, you may find this to be the perfect option for you, but it should be noted that it is just fabric and racing style. It's not completely discreet either, so make sure it fits in with your other decorations. With its adjustability and extended warranty, the

should be protected even if you manage to break your arm during the thrill of the game, and its Class4 air lift mechanism can support people weighing up to 33 pounds, which means it should be adequate. for most people. game frames. The

support pillow is also included, which is a nice touch, we don't always see it at this end of the price range, so in short, if you have a little extra cash, you'll use it well.

For us, a good gaming chair is completely a must. Several key areas can be used to determine the right candidate. The following is a list of areas that we consider most important when choosing a high-quality chair:

In the end, if the chair you are buying meets some of these basic criteria, it is likely to be a winner. However, finding a chair with all of these qualities can sometimes be expensive and challenging, meaning you have to spend endless hours researching many different options.

This is where WePC comes into the equation. Our team of professional computer enthusiasts research and test the best hardware products on the market every day and focus on

Your skeleton will really thank you. Do you feel the same about one of the chairs? Well, no, but the options provided here, we think everyone has something that may greatly improve your reading of this article.

Tell us about your performance in the comments below. Have you found a cheap gaming chair that you like?

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