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Benq zowie xl2411p

Today, we were lucky enough to test one of the Zowie XL series monitors to see how it performs in a market full of affordable, high-performance alternative gaming PC monitors. The

Zowie XL2411P appears on your desktop with an impressive 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and a fully adjustable stand that provides every conceivable viewing angle. For gamers who want to play esports, it is almost the perfect screen.

But with that said, how does the monitor perform on other tasks like photo editing, streaming, and general internet browsing in general? Well, in the next article we will delve into each area to see where the advantages of this monitor are and where they are not.

So, let's jump right into the full Zowie XL2411P gaming monitor review.

Now before we discuss the additional specs and features of the Zowie XL2411P, let's quickly talk about how we test this.

We always want to make sure that our readers' ideas and suggestions are based on daily real-world experiments. So having said that, how do we test the Zowie XL2411P?

We've tested a large number of monitors at WePC, so when BenQ decided to ship the Zowie XL2411P to us, we were ready for review. Once we have finished shooting the footage, the monitor will be sent to the review team (in this case, me). The monitor was then tested in a series of scenarios to help us measure gaming performance, entertainment value, and vision care factors.

As game players, we understand the important role of the monitor. No, I am not saying that I only see beautiful photos. There is a big difference between a cheap display and an advanced display, which is more technical than the screen size and design. For this reason, we attach great importance to our testing process, which takes up most of our review time.

After we've tested ghost image, screen tearing, color accuracy, and overall game immersion, we'll go through several different edit tests to see how accurate the color reproduction is. We also run internal tests on flicker and B.I.

We also use monitors throughout the day to perform averaging tasks for eight hours or more. This helps us assess whether the screen is sufficient to combat eye fatigue and test any built-in eye care technology. One of the biggest determinants of your

hardware purchase, whether it's a new monitor or the latest pre-built gaming PC, is its specifications.

They can help you distinguish the large number of monitors currently on the market, and are crucial when choosing a good monitor from a bad one.

From a gaming point of view, we recommend that you pay special attention to the refresh rate, response time, panel type, and resolution. These will have the biggest impact on your gaming experience, and will of course affect the overall immersion as well.

By now, you may have guessed that BenQ's XL2411P is a 24-inch monitor. It has a display area of 531 mm x 298 mm, which is widely regarded as the best screen size for competitive sports games (we will introduce it later). The

includes the stand, and the display height ranges from 429 mm to 559 mm, so you can avoid a lot of neck strain and long-term damage by adjusting the screen height. The

weighs 3.6 kg after unpacking, which is very standard among similar-sized displays. But when you compare it to a larger, more versatile monitor, it definitely feels light.

In general, there are not many details that can be gathered from this section; everything is pretty standard. With that said, we haven't quite hit the refresh rate, resolution, and response time yet, and this is where this monitor really comes into play.

We know that when buying a monitor, nine out of ten people will take into account three decisive factors; resolution, response time, and refresh rate.

These three aspects can distinguish ordinary monitors from great monitors because they affect everything from game immersion and smoothness to picture quality and everything in between.

Seeing that this monitor appears to be customized for gamers, we are very interested in understanding this monitor's performance in these key areas.

With this, let's see what it can contribute.

Your screen resolution is a measure of how many pixels your monitor can display at any one time; higher resolution monitors can display more pixels, providing a clearer final image.

However, monitors with higher screen resolutions require higher graphics on your PC, which means that if the GPU does not meet the requirements, your FPS (frames per second) will suffer.

Zowie XL2411P is specially designed for competitive gamers, with a 1920 × 1080 screen resolution. This particular resolution is hailed as the screen resolution of choice by professional gamers because it allows their gaming PCs to boost the high FPS required to take advantage of maximizing the powerful refresh rate. The

monitor refresh rate refers to the rate at which it updates the displayed image. The high refresh rate is a dream for gamers who want to get a leg up on the competition. This special model

has a refresh rate of 144Hz and (until recently) was considered the highest performance among e-sports enthusiasts. The refresh rate is directly related to the smoothness of the game, which means that a higher refresh rate is almost always better.

Having said that, 144Hz has recently been replaced

Color, this can be measured in several different ways.

This particular screen is measured in milliseconds, and for those who are not familiar with this synonym, it refers to GtG or Greytogrey. Zowie has a fast response time of 1 millisecond, which means it can change the color of a pixel from one to another in about one millisecond.

The response time of most modern displays is 15 milliseconds. Lower-priced models can usually provide about 4 milliseconds, while advanced displays (depending on the type) are about 1 millisecond.

Its response time has a direct effect on ghost images, and a lower response time can almost eliminate the problem. However, be careful; response time is not the same as input lag, so be sure not to confuse the two.

For simple touch input, the Zowie XL2411P offers many different connection options. It comes with the standard DVI and HDMI ports you'd expect from any display, and it also comes with DisplayPort 1.2, which is a must if you want a 144Hz refresh rate.

Additionally, you can connect headphones or speakers directly through the display, thanks to the manual audio jack on the side of the display. In addition to the specifications of the monitor,

has its functions and advantages. These features are another important factor in determining whether this monitor meets your specific requirements.

Below we will describe the best and most important features that we think need to be considered when considering investing in this gaming monitor. The most prominent feature of the

to me, remember the puns, is the extremely versatile mounting bracket that comes with the Zowie XL2411P, it does provide all the possible angles you might want and need as a gamer.

As you can see from the picture, the stand is very sturdy and sturdy, exactly what gamers need in those frenetic moments. It also provides height, pan, tilt and rotation adjustments so that you can find the best viewing position for you.

To use the height adjustment, you must press the release button on the back of the monitor, which can be a bit annoying. However, once you release it, the stand is very easy to move from one position to another. You can adjust the height up to 130 mm, which is actually better than any other monitor at the same price point. The

tilt function provides approximately 35 degrees, while the rotation function provides an impressive 45 degrees in either direction. If you don't know what the monitor typically provides, it will be a very large viewing window. Another important feature of the

bracket is its ability to rotate. You can rotate the screen fully 90 degrees, which is ideal for some people who may be broadcasting ticks to a large audience and want to watch the chat broadcast.

Overall this is one of the best functional brackets I have used. It provides almost every perspective you could want and feels rock solid.

Therefore, the next feature worth mentioning is the black equalizer that the monitor is equipped with. This is a great feature if you want to brighten those specific dark areas of the game. To be honest, this isn't great for image quality and true color accuracy, but it does provide an edge over the competition where these specific areas may not be visible.

As I mentioned at the beginning, this monitor is not designed for entertainment or photo editing; it is strictly a hardcore gaming monitor. If you really want to try to get an edge on the competition, this is a very good tool.

Flickerfree technology is nothing new and many modern displays use this technology. However, it is essential to the vision packages currently offered by BenQ.

Most gamers, like me, will play long games that will last several hours. If you are using a monitor without flicker-free technology, you are even unknowingly damaging your eyes. This is because our eyes cannot physically see refreshing images, so you will not feel the effects of this damage. However, this is a very real risk on older monitors.

Thanks to Flickerfree technology, this is no longer a problem. This is just another great feature that this monitor brings.

As many people may already know, blue light, such as screen flickering, is another harmful aspect of a screen that cannot be detected with the naked eye.

Blue light is a melatonin (hypnotic hormone) inhibitor, which means that prolonged exposure to blue light will destroy and reduce the quality of your sleep. Blue light is also one of the main reasons for eye strain after prolonged use.

By filtering blue light, you can reduce stress and strain on your eyes, and at the same time, you can improve the quality of sleep you urgently need.

So, we have understood the specifications of this monitor, we have understood its advantages in terms of features and benefits, now is the time to give the Zowie XL2411P a try and see how it looks in the real world.

Let's start with the layout.

I don't know what to expect from this monitor, because many similarly priced monitors don't really offer much in this department. After unpacking, I can say with certainty that I was quite impressed.

The design is very basic, it feels a bit outdated, maybe? Maybe this is harsh, but overall, Zowie XL2411P doesn't offer much in terms of aesthetics.

This is a relatively basic design with rounded corners and matte finish. Although the bracket is shiny, it is rather bulky and does not look delicate. The buttons also feel cumbersome, not very

As far as preference is concerned, it is not. The

's user interface is fairly easy to navigate, but it looks very old (see our images). The buttons are easy to press and exploring the different presets is very intuitive. The button is hard to miss, I like it too.

From a color rendering point of view, the XL2411P really makes you want it. It has a TN panel, which is very suitable for high refresh rates, but very low in terms of color accuracy. For example, IPS panels have a better color gamut and can generate more realistic images. Having said that, I managed to watch some TV shows, some live sports events, and played several different games on this matter, I think the TN panel is very cool.

So, the game.

In this article, in order to put myself in the perspective of many buyers, I decided to play on a 60Hz monitor for about an hour, and then switch to BenQ and its impressive 144Hz screen. It is safe to say that the difference is immediate.

On a 60Hz monitor, I often encounter very obvious screen tearing, and some ghosting will appear from time to time.

However, on BenQ, screen tearing is no longer a problem. The difference in smoothness is very obvious. Swiping quickly from left to right is the real test, and BenQ passed it with excellent results. Looks great. I started out by playing CounterStrike, my favorite competitive game. To my surprise, the overall gaming experience feels smoother. Using a 60Hz monitor, I can break the screen when I rotate it 90 degrees quickly under fire. However, BenQ always seems to offer a smooth experience. It really helps with immersion and focus, which is exactly what players need in a competitive scene.

After CS, we entered PUBG to see what an open world battle royale game would look like. You guessed it, another very smooth and enjoyable experience. After eliminating the possibility of screen breakage, we are now experiencing some issues in the dark areas of sheds and warehouses. Time to try this black equalizer.

I opened it with a screen browser, and I immediately saw a drop in color quality, which was not ideal. However, the black spots on the map are now very obvious. The enemy has almost no hiding place, which makes me feel safer when browsing the map. It allows me to focus on hunting down the enemy instead of wondering who may or may not hunt me down.

I tried several other games, everything feels very smooth, and definitely more immersive than the 60Hz monitor I tested before.

I made a general browsing and photo editing example, yes, this is not the best experience. But this is not the purpose of this monitor. This monitor is a complete and robust gaming monitor. This is a monitor for those who want to beat the competition and help improve their gameplay.

After several hours of testing, I concluded that this monitor is very suitable for its intended purpose. I am very satisfied with the gaming experience it provides and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their games.

Well, a complete overview of the Zowie XL2411P.

This monitor is designed for one thing: gaming.

If you are looking for a monitor where you can play games with friends and then go to the movies and expect great images, then this is not the monitor for you. However, if you play high-level competitive games and want to gain some advantage in the competition, then this monitor can provide you with the answer.

With its high refresh rate and fast response time, the Zowie XL2411P provides an extremely smooth and immersive gaming experience. It provides you with a perfect platform to try to take your game to a new level. For this reason, we highly recommend it to gamers looking for a 24-inch monitor.

Thinking of buying this monitor? Why not tell us in the comments below, or better yet, head over to our community, where you can start discussions and get advice from people who are in the same boat as you.


24 ″

refresh rate

144 Hz

response time

1 ms

panel type


maximum resolution

1920 × 1080

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