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Behardware acquired by wepc

On January 14, 2021, WePC (part of the BGFG Group) successfully acquired After its launch in May 1997, the site gained a foothold in the PC industry and was relaunched by the publisher in November 2004. Since its launch, BeHardware has been a resource that provides its audience with the latest and independent information, guiding readers through different options of PC hardware and peripherals, with special attention to gaming monitors, CPUs, and GPUs. , Motherboard and PC build.

With the acquisition of BeHardware by BGFG, we decided to merge the brand with our fast-growing brand WePC. As always, our focus will be on the end user. We have more than one million readers who come to WePC to provide PC gamers and hardware enthusiasts with the best information, advice and guides on PC hardware.

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