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Battlefield 5 system requirements

Battlefield 5 is the 16th work in the Battlefield series developed by Electronic Arts. Following the predecessor, this is an action-rich first-person shooter game that successfully sold 7.3 million copies at the end of 2018.

Just looking at the trailer and screenshots, you will realize that this is an impressive game. You need to make sure you have the right hardware for this, after all, when you can experience eye-catching visual effects, there is no need to endure a slide show.

Read on for some detailed information about the game, as well as some hardware tips if you do not meet the recommended requirements, please remember.

As a continuation of Battlefield 1, this game is based on WWII and the WWII theme. The single player campaigns are divided into war stories, just like Battlefield 1. If you like the pace of the first matches, you will feel right at home here.

In the war story "Nordlys", you follow a Norwegian resistance fighter who is involved in the destruction of Germany's nuclear program. In "Tirailleur", you will play the Tirailleur of Senegal in Operation Dragoon.

"Under No Flag" treats gamers like convicted bank robbers and explosives experts. The fourth battle "The Last Tiger" shows the fight of the German tank crew Tiger.

All of these battles give you a grand and expansive gameplay feel, allowing you to experience the world through contrasting characters. This allows you to really understand the many scenarios of warfare.

If you are here just for the famous multiplayer game, you are in luck. Like previous games, "Battlefield 5" offers players a larger map to interact with opponents and various characters. With destructible maps and an ever-expanding vehicle roster, it can take a long time to get bored with this mode.

For a game with great visuals like "Battlefield 5," you'll want to be able to run it in all its glory. We recommend meeting the recommended requirements and then coming up with a few more. If you want to upgrade your computer to play this game, at the moment we recommend at least roughly the mid-range version. For all the crazy moves in

Battlefield 5, you also need to make sure it runs smoothly. It is not shameful to reduce some effects to achieve a stable FPS, but if you want to keep the image at a super high level, you may need to invest.

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