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Battlefield 4 system requirements

Unless you already know that you own a high-end PC, it is always worth checking whether you have the correct system specifications to run the game before buying. If you are not sure, we are here to help you.

If you are not sure how to check the specifications of your PC, please check our handy guide. When checking whether you can run the game, you need to pay attention to the CPU, GPU, and RAM lists, because these are the most important.

We are currently developing a tool to greatly simplify this comparison process for our users. We will keep you informed of your progress in a timely manner, but before that, please quickly explore the following content.

To use this guide, simply compare your PC specifications to the specifications listed below. Did you fall higher than recommended? That's great! However, if it is below the minimum, it may be time to upgrade.

Battlefield 4 allows players to experience all aspects of warfare through its extensive single-player campaigns and multiplayer modes. In single player games, players have to walk or use some pre-made vehicles to pass large sandbox-like levels.

is set in 2020, the player controls Recker, he will visit different locations such as Shanghai Baku to complete his operations. In this version of Battlefield, the scenery looks amazing and you have to make sure your system can handle it. When his team passes through these areas, Recker can also command his team members to attack and mark enemy units.

For the multiplayer experience, Battlefield has always been known for its immersive team actions, and this game is no exception. Players will rise in the game time rankings, and at the same time receive a series of medals and medals for their achievements in the game.

Four professions are provided here, assault, engineer, support and reconnaissance professions allowing players to change their play style in different games. More than a dozen maps with seven different game modes are provided to pass the time. With the destructible environment and various vehicles also available, the actions will be packaged.

Since "Battlefield 4" is a first-person shooter game, you will want to achieve a stable 60 FPS at least while playing the game. Because certain locations and level destruction can sometimes be spectacular, it is not enough to play with the minimum recommendations, especially in multiplayer games. You may spend more time playing settings instead of playing!

Although the special effects of this game are still impressive in its time, if you lose frames, don't worry too much about marking some of them. After all, with so many dangerous moves on stage, you want to minimize the chance of stuttering. As with most FPS games, if you are playing Ultra but do not reach 60 FPS, try to reduce post-processing and environmental occlusion effects to help solve this problem.

If you only meet the minimum requirements for this game, you will definitely want to update some of its components. Under the minimum requirements, you can play the game with the lowest settings and unpredictable frame rates. Even with the recommended settings, you may still have a hard time hitting 60 FPS at high settings and higher settings. However, you can adjust certain graphics settings or lower the resolution.

Although this game has been running for many years, it still has some effects that can put some strain on your system, especially when the large number of players are in multiplayer.

Take a quick look at some of the key components below, you need to make sure they fully meet the requirements to run this title. To achieve 60 FPS on high settings, we recommend the following:

For safety reasons, if you want to upgrade this game, we recommend that you purchase the mid-to-high-end version for around $800. This version will also be an excellent system for playing other games and its successor, Battlefield 5.

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