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Back to school tech guide 2019

At that time of the year, we all began to prepare for the next school year. The back-to-school shopping panic has come to us, and we are faced with the almost impossible task of choosing which products to buy and which products to avoid. As a student, you will face a pretty tight budget, which means you must ensure that the technology you buy is worth the money.

And, if you need to convince someone *cough* Mom and Dad*cough* then show them this page, because we have the best back-to-school technical offers. Each item on this list is very suitable for school assignments; of course, there are games.

This powerful pre-build can not only be your ticket to get A in your next character, but it can also run some of the best games, of course, once you finish learning. But to be honest. This is a powerful build and even has the skills to deal with virtual reality games. It is equipped with AMD's 2700x CPU, 16GB of fast RAM, and is equipped with an RTX graphics card for real-time ray tracing.

also comes with its own keyboard and mouse to help you save time and money when searching for yourself. However, they are not the best keyboard and mouse combination, so we suggest you look for something more complicated.

If you still have a few cents to spend, then we cannot highly recommend this high-quality pre-build. Equipped with one of AMD's latest Ryzen 3000 chips and the best GPU in the form of Nvidia RTX 2080i, it is really hard to find another measurable pre-build.

It's easy to meet all the necessary system requirements to play your favorite game, which also means faster tasks, right?

If you prefer portable workstations, gaming laptops can't go wrong. Also, this ASUS TUF is one of the best. It is powered by 2.3 GHz Ryzen 7 - 3750H with 1660Ti GPU, which means that it is really powerful for laptops. You get 256GB of SSD storage space for the operating system and all games, and then it's supplemented by a 1TB hard drive to handle all those pesky school assignments. One cool feature of the

gaming laptop is the anti-dust cooling system. This helps prevent the laptop from overheating and prolongs its life by removing dust. So for those who put their laptops in their dirty backpacks when they are late for class, this will come in handy. A great advantage of this

gaming laptop is a great advantage for schools and gaming - the keyboard. As they did with previous ROG models, Asus includes what they call "NumPad". The touchpad transforms into a numeric keypad, freeing up space on the laptop for the keyboard. This helps prevent the keys you normally see from being squeezed. The

ASUS ROG Strix Scar III's display is impressive too. The monitor can handle 4K with a 240Hz refresh rate, which is almost unheard of on a laptop.

has a wireless mouse, which means you can study or play games on the go without being bothered by too many cables. And if you want to use a wireless network, the Logitech G Pro will never fail. The

mouse is equipped with a HERO sensor. Compared to many other wireless mice, it has higher precision and keeps it more energy efficient, ideal for those studying overnight (reading: gaming) sessions.

BenQ Zowie EC2B Divina is an out-of-the-box mouse that requires no software or synchronization. However, this is not its entire purpose. It is equipped with an impressive 3360 PWM sensor to help ensure that every movement of yours can be captured in record time. It is designed with e-sports gamers in mind, so you know you can keep up with them anyway.

also offers two color options: light blue and light pink. While these may not be the first colors you think of when designing game settings, they can make a nice change from the all-black designs that we often see. In terms of keyboards, the

Corsair has long been our favorite. Your recently upgraded K70 now uses a discreet design, with even more improved performance and comfort. It is also equipped with a detachable full-length wrist rest, which helps minimize wrist strain and prevent injury from overuse. The

customizable RGB backlighting makes it a stylish option that is sure to light up any student bedroom. The Cherry MX Speed switch makes it responsive and easy to use, so you can enter these reports in record time.

This fully mechanical keyboard is perfect for students who want to save a little money. You can get a great keyboard on the Redragon K552 Kumara for only around $ 35. Although it doesn't have the Cherry MX switch we all know and love, the Greetech Blue switch it uses does a good job at such a cheap price.

This is a good option for people who want to try a mechanical keyboard for the first time without spending money. The red backlight looks great, although we prefer more options. All in all, this is a good choice for budget-conscious students.

As one of our favorite gaming headsets, SteelSeries Arctis 7 provides excellent audio quality, especially for wireless headsets. It has a charging capacity of 20 hours, and you can charge while playing, so you will never be disconnected from the action.

I concentrate on your mission.

The corsair may not have the most star reputation for quality headphones, but HS70 is a clear exception to it. This wireless headset is affordable as its competitors and is ideal for budget students.

is a suitable headset to launch a good quality microphone. Therefore, you are for multiplayer mode or study that you are back at home using it to circumvent it, this is an excellent option.

Here, WEPC had the opportunity to put the SWIFT monitor of Asus Rog through its rhythm, and we are all impressed. The impressive specification is ideal for competitive players thanks to the update rate of 165 Hz, the reaction time of 1 ms and GSYNC technology.

The design is also quite magnificent. An ergonomic stand rotates the screen and comes with a built-in red LED that illuminates the center. It will definitely sit at your desk and it will be your jealous bedroom.

This monitor is not only surprising, but its specifications are also quite impressive. 34 "Curved Ultra-ampling Webing Boarding means you have to escape and provide a perfect scenario for the night of the bedroom. As with

ASUS, Acer Predator is GSYNC technology, there is also an update rate to adapt to your GPU. The color is Vivid and the support is useful to make it more impressive on your desk. Definitely, no doubt, your game settings will be visible in Epic.

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