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B460 chipset motherboard leaked

As we prepared for the launch of Intel's Comet LakeS CPU, the first image of a motherboard with Intel's new B460 chipset leaked online. The plate appears to come from the manufacturer Maxsun. The

B460 chipset is considered to compete directly with the AMD B550 chipset, although AMD's list of motherboards will provide PCIe 4.0 support and some form of overclocking, while Intel will not. This is still speculative at this point, so scrape it all off with a little salt. It is not clear how this will affect the chipsets that consumers prefer.

Maxsun showed off its upcoming B460 iCraft Gaming Endless motherboard for the first time. As the name suggests, this motherboard uses Intel's B460 chipset. The leaked promotional screenshots are not for the faint-hearted, we describe it as an acquired taste with anime-style appearance, aimed at those who want to get an eye-catching appearance inside a PC. The

picture indicates that the motherboard will come with a variety of interchangeable animation graphics, you can fix them on the top of the motherboard PCH and VRM cover to meet your preferences. In terms of

details, there are not too many marketing lenses in terms of specifications, but the B460 iCraft Gaming Endless seems to be a MicroATX form factor motherboard, equipped with two PCIe x16, four slots, RAM DIMM and two M with heat sinks. 2 slots. Otherwise, B460 iCraft Gaming Endless seems to be a fairly standard rate chart for the mid-market. The

screenshot of the B460 iCraft Gaming Endless shows the thick I/O buttons marked with "L", "C" and lightning bolt symbols.

Although their exact purpose is not clear, we may be looking for overclocking preset switches, which indicates that Intel may give some overclocking capabilities to the B460 chipset motherboard. With the advent of Intel Comet LakeS CPUs next month, it is certain that we will hear and see more such motherboards in the coming weeks.

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