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Athlon 3000g overclocking

More good news from AMD: Their new $ 50 Athlon 3000G is currently shipping, with new overclocking options and integrated GPU. AMD believes that this integrated GPU will improve its brand position in the market and compete with Intel's budget range.

One important thing to note may be a limitation, that is, X570 motherboards are not guaranteed to be compatible with AMD's Athlon 3000G. AMD has decided to leave it in the hands of its partners.

However, this is unlikely to be a big problem. The X570 is designed for high-end systems that are unlikely to be used with the budget-grade Athlon 3000G. AMD already has a more suitable chipset for this product, including B350, B450 and X470 chips. AMD

Athlon 3000G is a 3.5 GHz CPU with two cores, four threads and 4 MB of L3 cache. The product is based on AMD's Zen + CPU core and is built on 12nm GlobalFoundries technology. It has a Vega 3 GPU with 192 cores.

is the overclocking unlock, the biggest support DDR42933, TDP is 35W. The CPU is also equipped with a 65W cooler. This radiator will be able to achieve a lot of overclocking. The

chip managed to hit 4GHz, which is in line with our expectations for the 12nm GF silicon. The

Athlon 3000G replaces the Athlon 200 GE and brings an additional 300MHz CPU clock and 100MHz GPU clock.

This chip is considered to be able to compete with Intel chips, such as the Pentium G5400, which currently runs at 3.7GHz and 58W TDP, at a cost of $ 60. TechPowerUp test

compared 3000G to G5600, which is 5 levels faster than the G5400 watch. Although this isn't a huge gap, the GPU's overclocking potential is very good.

It is not clear why the performance of 3000G is better than that of G5400-G5600 is 1.22 times faster than that of G5600. This shows that there is a 1.22x performance difference between the two Intel CPUs, which is interesting.

It is not clear how Athlon 3000G compares with other similar Intel products under different conditions, but AMD seems to continue its slightly leading trend.

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