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Asus rx 5700 series gpu

New games of Tuf X3 Radeon Rx 5700 EVO The graphic card series has recently announced by Asus. In this range, TUF 3 RX5700 O8G EVO GAMING refers to the RX 5700 and TUF 3x57XT O8G EVO Game refers to the RX 5700 XT model.

The main difference between these new revised models is to provide a better cooling system to the original series Tuf Games Rx 5700. One of the largest criticism of the 5700 series of the technology reviewer was that it had an inadequate cooling solution.

Well, it is good to make sure that Asus has made these comments on the board and promised to improve performance for users in the future. ASUS has achieved this improvement through the use of FINSTACK aluminum heat sinks.

Another change that has been taken to 5700 and 5700 XT Models adds a new Axialtech fan design to the card. This improves how the card pushes the air to the central heat sink to improve improved cooling performance.

These axial technology fans have a smaller center that allows fanatics to wear longer blades. Lift the barrel ring and low pneumatic pressure on the machine. This provides the ability to improve air flow and general variance.

Another change is that if the central temperature of the GPU falls below 55 ° C, an ASUS is guaranteed that the controller on board holds the fan and stops general noise. As the temperature increases, the fan starts to rotate again and continues to be cooled when necessary.

The offer is also 2.7 slot design with graphic card. This new design allows more heat dissipate surface areas, which increases the thermal space. This allows the possibility of PC overclocking, since the fan can operate slowly on the writing workload scenario.

ASUS has made some changes in the double-ball fan bearings. In other words, durability can be improved and can last twice as long as standard design.

AutoExtreme technology refers to an automated process that is becoming a new standard in the industry. It allows all welding to be completed during a single pass. This reduces the thermal distortion in the component and makes the card more reliable.

These small changes in the design of the ASUS card may be sufficient to improve overclock performance when necessary for the RX 5700 series and for the RX 5700 XT series.

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