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Asus rtx 2060 mini itx

For those who like to build on smaller aspects, they will be excited to hear that the RTX 2060 card will soon be integrated into their system. Asus has listed two new RTX 2060 graphics cards for small systems.

These two cards are Dual RTX 2060 Mini and Dual RTX 2060 Mini OC. Except for the OC variant, most of these cards are the same. The OC variant has been overclocked at the factory to achieve a small performance improvement. The length of each

card is 19.7 cm, which is very suitable for users who use MiniITX motherboards. However, you will pay for such a small size in the form of small exports. This model will be equipped with an HDMI port, a DisplayPort and a DVI output port on the back. The

card is powered by an 8-pin PCIe power connector and has the amount of RAM commonly used by RTX 2060: 6GB of GDDR6. The basic clock of these two cards is 1365 MHz, the boost clock is 1,680 MHz and 1,725 MHz, and the OC clock is 1,710 MHz and 1,755 MHz.

Both graphics cards have dual fan coolers and only use two slots; this is to ensure that you can install these cards in the smallest system.

It's always good news for a small building to get a little love. One of the best parts of miniaturization is trying to find a way to achieve the best performance when working in restricted areas. Although ASUS has not yet shared the prices of these two graphics cards, we believe that their prices will be similar to or lower than the current RTX 2060 products.

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